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    Jun 21, 2007
    ACT, Australia
    Well, this is a sad story. The local "mum & pop" music store, which has been around since, well, I've lived in this area, closed on this saturday just past. I just happened to be going in on the friday for new strings, when I saw the closing signs and such. There had been a story in the local paper a ways back about this, and I put it to the back of my mind.

    After talking to Ron, the owner, for about 40mins, I discovered that he couldn't find a buyer for the buisness, so he was cleaning shop, and was going to take some time off.

    I had a browse around, and saw this Hofner sitting there, as it has been, for well over 9 months now. Ive been and played it once or twice, and it seemed to be pretty alright. But I couldn't be totally biased, after reading on the 'net (here, among other places) how hit-and-miss Hofners can be. But as Fate would have it, It seemed like I should be its new owner, so....I bought it.

    Since I go in there about every second day, they were nice enough to give it to me for around half price ($460 AUS down from $800)








    They were even nice enough to throw in a polishing cloth for me.


    So, after having a good three days to play around with it, I must say, I've fallen in love! The conception of these things having really short sustain is true, to a point. It still "sings", and notes dont die away. That may be due to the strings though, they're roundwounds, Im not sure what brand exactly (bronze balls, red silk on the ends, similar to TI Flat silk). Ive also come to love the small scale. Having large-ish hands, above the 12th fret or so, Octave's over two strings (eg: 12th/19th fret stretchs) are quite do-able. And I feel like I can play faster, due to the small string spacing.

    The intonation is now spot on, after adjusting the bridge (similar to my mandolin bridge), and after figuring out the control plate, I can pull a variety of tones, from deep, faux-upright sounds, to almost jaco-y growl from the bridge p'up. I havnt had a chance to demo in a group environment yet, but if anyone wants solo soundclips, thats easily doable :hyper:
  2. I hate to burst your bubble here, but your Hofner is not a 500/1v63, it's a Chinese made Hofner Ignition (HI-BB) bass.

    When Hofner first introduced these about 5-6 years ago, they were called an Icon bass.

    Here's a link for you to check out.
    Karl Höfner GmbH & Co KG - HI-BB Ignition Bass

    Looks like the case they gave you just happened to have a 500/v63 tag in it. I hope they didn't intentionally mislead you as these are considered entry level instruments and are priced accordingly.

    Enjoy your bass.

  3. AElfes


    Jun 21, 2007
    ACT, Australia
    Ah, oh well.
    It could be anything, but the three main things that worry me are right about it: 1) It sounds good, 2) It doesnt sound like something I already own, and 3) I like it.

    Plus its sentimental. Either way, I'd better change the title of the thread though
  4. Hi, sorry about reactivating an old thread. Thinking of buying one of these and hoping O.P. will see this.

    Does the quality hold up against your Fender?

    P.S. you probably already know this, but even being entry level they gave you a good price. German Hofners are priced on a level with Sadowsky or something in Australia last time I looked, which I think is slightly hopeful :)