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  1. First off if there is another one of these floating around I appologize. Couldnt find my own post, and got to thinking I might of closed the window when I previewed it, I was getting rushed to come and eat in my defense :smug:

    Any who, today I decided to get my mind off leaving a band. I elected to take a few things I wasnt play and go see whats available. And a trade I did make. I brought home a Fretless, MIM Fender Jazz. Never owned a jazz, but been checking out Gary Willis alot lately and been itching to have one. So far after maybe a couple hours of play time. I like it alot. Only complaint, I want to know what kind of strings that are on this bass. The store said they was just regular D'Addario Chromes. But when I asked flatwound he said no, however when I came home and got on musicians friend. All Chromes where flatwound so who makes a string with a blue-purplish tint wrap?


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    My G&L fretless has flat wound Chromes with blue-ish purple wrap. Looks cool on the bass because it's super funky early 90s metallic purple.
  3. Yeah, my chromes have that wrap too. Are they flats?

    EDIT TO ADD: nice bass by the way... Love me some fretlesses right now
  4. gadela


    Apr 6, 2012
    are you asking about the strings because you are not certain whether or not the strings you've got are flatwounds? :confused:
  5. Marton


    Sep 20, 2005
    These strings look like flats in the picture.
  6. I posted this cos its my new toy and wanted to share it. But I am curious about the strings seem to have got my answer there.
  7. ddawson2012


    Aug 30, 2011
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    And - our chromes have a royal blue silk on them!