NBD - I finally have tort in my collection!!!

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  1. Picked this bad boy up on eBay for cheap. I got a beauty of a tort pickguard off Amazon that ended up fitting just about perfect (had to razor the slightest off the outside edge of pickup holes to get the SD to fit), got a set of Seymour Duncan quarter pounders from the classifieds here (along with CTS pots and switchcraft Jack).

    Got it late last night, took it completely apart: tuners off and rebuilt them, neck off and check for shims (had one), completely rewired with the new pickup on the new guard (the existing was a single-ply white that had been painted black, poorly)

    Put some EB slinks on it last night before I went to sleep to let the neck settle, spent this morning getting the intonation & action & relief all set up. It plays as nice as any Fender player series I've picked up recently, plus it actually has a good set up (I'm really good at dialing in my guitars exactly how I want them, yay for me :laugh::bassist:). Ended up taking the neck back off and removing the shim to get it perfect. I'm going to a jam session this afternoon, looking forward to putting it through its paces... I really dig the knobs too (they are root beer color, not black)!

    (Before pics as well)

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    It's interesting to me how even though tort guards don't always "match" a bass per se, they always seem to look good on it anyway. That particular color combo--blue / tort--has always caught my eye because it stands out but you can't deny it's damn pretty.
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    Show off that beauty here too! :)
    The official "Tort Pic's Or It Doesnt Exist " Thread.

    The Order of the Tort
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