NBD: Ibanez ATK 200!! Musicman Killer!

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  1. After my first successful repair and flip. I used the money to buy myself an Ibanez Atk for $350 USD. It isn't the cheapest bass in the world but cheaper then I've seen it sell for recently. I have got to say, I am blown away. The quality feels way beyond its price, it is absolutely beautiful. The old owner took immaculate care of it.

    After a great experience with the Sterling SUB I kept one eye open for an upgrade to use as a studio bass, while the SUB is for gigging. This is definately that!! The only slight down fall is that its 10.5 lbs. The seller gave me a cushion to put on my strap and I can hardly tell the difference. This has cured my GAS for any of the new Sterlings and used musicman stingrays I've seen in the market.

    20200120_115112.jpg 20200120_143547.jpg
    One bass for studio and one for gigging. What you folks think?
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    Congrats. Nice bass...an even better deal because the seller threw in the cushion for the strap. :)
    So this was the 10.5 lb bass you were referring to in a previous post but.....only ONE bass for Studio and ONE bass for gigs? C'mon man, start picking up the pace, you're behind the TB pack. Minimum requirement is five basses for each. How else are we going to post our conflicting recommendations? Did you even think of us? No?

    Seriously, great bass, enjoy.
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  3. Yes it is. And when I said one for gigging and one for studio I meant "stingray" style. Lol I have more. I have a Squier MIJ SQ precision bass and a squier jaguar SS for my dark fender sound. These are for the sizzle. Haha
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    nice score! glad you like the "sizzle" --- congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:

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