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    Sep 30, 2013
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    For at least at year now, I've been watching the normal sources (craigslist, reverb, local GC's used gear) for an Ibanez BTB 4 string. There are plenty for sale, especially the BTB400 series from the early 2000's, but I wanted something a little more special, and I stumbled across a BTB780PB in my local GC a few weeks ago for $399. After I inspected and played it - I had to have it.

    Information about this model seems a little difficult to find, but what I know is that the model was a limited edition produced for a few months in 2008. It has a mahogany body, 5 piece maple and bubinga neck, rosewood fingerboard with abalone fret markers, neck-through construction, and a burled poplar top (hence the "PB" in the name) with a "Charcoal Brown" finish. The electronics include Bartolini MK-II pickups and a Bartolini preamp, along with a Fishman piezo pickup under the bridge.

    It was in surprisingly good condition, but still needed a little work - mostly cleanup, new strings, and a proper setup. I had to wet-sand and polish a couple of scratches out of the clearcoat, polish the frets and thoroughly clean & oil the fingerboard. But now it is finished and ready to share here as a NBD post! Not sure how many previous owners this one had, but at least one of them played with a pick, which explains the scratches in the clear coat between the heel of the fingerboard and the neck pickup, and the scratches on the neck pickup cover. The only remaining "flaw" are the pickup cover scratches - otherwise after a little work, this thing is in excellent condition.

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    That sure is purty. :thumbsup:

    I would have walked out with that one as well.
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    Dec 20, 2017
    Hey, joined just to post here. I was on the same hunt as you, and found the same model on GCs used online section in July. Mine was 550 and got a little bit of damage in shipping, but not enough to make me return it. Have you found any information out about it? I'm looking to pick up another cheaper BTB 4 to pull the frets out of. There is an early MIJ prestige neck thru model on my local Craigslist for 550 OBO that sure is tempting though!