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  1. safikex


    Jan 16, 2011
    Riga, Latvia
    Greeting everyone!
    Since i am a new owner of this beauty, i decided to post some info about it here. It seems that there is almost none information about this bass ( only some guy selling green one on Reverb ) and the other info i found on the old forums with "selling this bass" threads, dated 2010...

    This is going to be a post with plenty of photos ( i hope ) and some things that i am going to change about this bass ( mainly, it will remain stock and some minor repairs ). First thing i am going to do - changing the strings for sure!

    So: here it is!
    Also the brochure dated 2002, from the Ibanez website.

    Photo of headstock and one chip that i found. I will try to repair it somehow.. Got some ideas that might work. Will post a message here with a process!

    The bridge is Ibanez AccuCast B20. Well, its not in a really good shape.. I am going to wash it, but i feel that those stains wont go away.. Maybe someone have a hint, how to remove them ? Or this is pernament?

    Tle electronics are DX6 ( Ibanez, i think? ). This is an active bass, so it requires one 9V battery. I didnt play it much after purchase. There are 4 control knobs and i think they are: Overall sound level, bridge - neck pickup selector, high's and low's level regulator. All of them have satisfacting ''stopper'' in the middle position.

    The nasty scratch near the bolts... Also, will try to fix it.

    Truss rod moves perfectly fine. It looks all beat up, but in reality thats just a dirt from a wood.

    Neck pocket with the number on it:

    Number on the neck itself

    By this number on the headstock, i understood that this guitar was made in 2002 in FujiGen.

    The tuners also have those stains...

    The electronic cavity is shielded from the factory ( is suppose, because i couldnt find any visual confirmation, that it was done by someone else.. Too clean )

    The fretboard have some dirt on it. Also, the fretboard is somewhat ''laminated'' with the neck itself.. It feels extremely smooth and looks awesome!

    Now, time for another question:

    Tried to clean the fretboard using Dunlop cleaner.. I used this thing cleaning other basses with with ''dark wood'' fretboard and it was all fine, but this freatboard leaves a heavy brown stain on my rag and started to smell funny.. It smells like a very old, soaked in water wood with the addition of diesel engine exhaust ( yeah, weird comparison but try to imagine it! )

    I did it only to one fret and the smell didnt pass after a 24h.. Maybe back in the days they used some different wood that must not be cleaned with these new cleaners? Or this fretboard is just heavilly dirty?

    Anyways, thanks for your time reading this! If you have any questions - be free to ask!Maybe you want to see some additional photos.
    Does someone played this bass years ago or have it with him right now? What do you think about it?
    Oh, yeah, the most killer thing about it - bought it for 100eur. Had to drive to the other city, but is totally worth it!
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  2. safikex


    Jan 16, 2011
    Riga, Latvia
    Does someone have information about the controls knobs? What do they do on this model?
    As far as i understood, upper right one ( if looking at first photo ) is the volume control, but where are the pickup selectors and tone regulators? Maybe i am missing something, but i understood that in this preamp we can control low's and high's
  3. John Cribbin

    John Cribbin

    Jan 5, 2018
    A lot of Ibanez hardware is Cosmo Black. It appears to be a coating applied over chrome. When it wears, it starts to look like that. I have a similar vintage SRX where the finish looked like yours. I started using chrome polish on it before I found out it was the remains of the original coating and not tarnish!

    Check the description in the brochure, I bet it shows Cosmo Black.
  4. safikex


    Jan 16, 2011
    Riga, Latvia
    Checked the decription - it is not written there... BUt, it appears to be the right colour. Took a look at ibanez web-store, the items with ''cosmo black'' colour look like mine for sure. I already tried to clean the bridge - no luck, only dark coating comes off.. Will leave it as it is