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    Mar 6, 2011
    I'd been hankering for another 5-string.
    Even put an ad in Basschat for a decent fiver.
    Last saturday I went over to Promemnade Music, in Morecambe.
    Spent a couple of hours, trying a bunch of quality basses, including Pedulla, Shuker, Cort, Fender and Warwick.
    But I couldn't make my mind up and went home, empty handed.
    But whilst there, I'd had a very quick go on a Cort A6, 6-string.
    It didn't feel as hard to play, as I'd feared.
    So a seed had been planted and I returned to Prom again, today.
    There were 4, very promising sixers to consider.
    The Cort A6, a Yamaha TRB1006J (both new), a custom, US Carvin & an Ibanez SR1206 (both used).
    After a lot of time playing all 4, acoustically and amped up, I narrowed it down to the 2 used models.
    Both were really nice to play and had great tone.
    The USA Carvin was twice the price and was a real class act, with great woods, finishing and hardware.
    It even had locking tuners.
    The Ibanez is a discontinued model and was in, as new, condition.
    Although very differently styled, the wood combinations of wenge, bubinga, mahogany and ovangkol, reminded me a little, of Warwick.
    That, with the top class Nordstrand Big Single pickups, created a gorgeous sounding bass, with a very comfy neck.
    I don't really like switches on a bass but the active/passive and mid-boost switches are useful.
    So the Ibanez came home with me.
    Housed in a rather nice, hard foam, Ibanez case.
    You also get a rather nifty, swiss army style, multi-tool.
    My apologies for the pics., I found the satin finish hard to photograph, without getting annoying reflection.
  2. I normally am not a huge fan of the ibanez stuff but my friend that is a keeper! What a beauty definetely reminds me of the warwick style a little. Good choice. Rock on
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    Great score if it was half the cost of a used Carvin. The 1200 series was a solid entry in my books and I hate most SR basses.