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  1. Looking at my posting history, you'd be forgiven for thinking I spent more time buying basses this year than I did playing them live. In my last NDB, I mentioned my windfall from a compensation claim and was leaning towards a 4003 Jetglo. I wasn't entirely there though and recent posts here made me realise that I probably wouldn't have the time to give it the care it needs, so shelved the idea and turned my mind back to the Frankenbass I'm infrequently working on. I wanted to build an all black PJ, like the white one that Duff McKagan had at the time but, you know, all black. I bought a Squier Affinity, and a set of QPs. Unfortunately, I couldn't find an all black Jazz neck without having one built. I did find a black DJBS neck on Reverb and ordered it but they couldn't ship rosewood to the UK, so that was out. Anyway, the project was floundering and in the meantime they'd released an all black Duff, so I bought one of those.

    I got home from work at 3pm yesterday to find it waiting and by 9pm, I think I'd exhausted The Stranglers entire back catalogue. Safe to say, this one's a winner. And not even half the price of a 4003. :)







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    wow! that ax looks perfect to me! i'm a huge fan of PJs and black black black black, so your ax is the bomb to my eyes. congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:
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    I dig it. Congratulations! :thumbsup:
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    It’s a looker, for sure. Congrats!
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