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    Jun 12, 2020
    Hi everyone!
    Hope everyone is doing alright and that you are all ready for a NBD story.

    Many, many years ago... in the darkest and most cloudy parts of the UK, when I was just a wee teenage lass, I had a dream...

    And that dream was - to play bass.

    But not just any bass, oh no. I had no clue about anything bass related - I did not even know that you had to have an amplifier, so... I almost ended up buying an Epiphone Thunderbird just because I thought it looked badass. Something like this @KaraQ (I had to!)


    I thought it was the coolest looking thing ever, I was angsty and I wanted to be awesome. I found one similar to this (as far as I can remember) online and a local store had it in stock, and so...

    Nothing happened.
    Well, a lot of stuff happened, but it was just the usual shtick of life being cruel and I did not buy the bass. Fast forward to 2020 and that is when I would actually begin on my bass journey, as some of you might be aware of. I'm kinda new to this still, so yeah. New cat in town and all that.

    Just a few days ago was my birthday and it juuuuuust so happened that someone ended up posting a Dingwall D-Roc 4 string on the local marketplace, so I just thought... why not. Might as well. It's basically a Thunderbird, just more modern. And sexy? Yeah, it is super sleek.

    Big props to the guy I bought it from - please take care of yourself and your family - go easy on the carpal tunnel hand - thank you for taking the time of your day to meet me and for being so very kind and accommodating. Thanks for all the goodies and patience with me! :hyper:


    It has this really amazing kind of fade of blue to purple, depending on how the light hits it. Sometimes it looks like a sparkly, blue Ferrari and then a second later it looks something like an aggressive purple Lamborghini, it really is kind of hard to explain, but the colour is just striking and wonderful to look at. I just kinda had to get it to compliment my golden Spector - blue/purple and gold, just mwah *chefs kiss*

    Just take a look at that - blue on the bottom and purple up top, that is really cool. If anything, this would make a really pretty wall hanger!

    But it is not a wall hanger. This thing RIPS and TEARS until it is done.
    Passive electronics, no fancy schmancy boosts or cuts or anything like that - all you get is the volume, a pickup selector (all 3, middle, middle + bridge in parallel and bridge) and tone.

    That is it. That is all you get. No preamp, no active puppies, no battery. Just you and the bass.
    And you know what? This thing sounds so mean. I really like it! You can get some vintage sounds out of it with the tone rolled off, thumb plucking, playing on the neck, selecting all 3 pickups. Or maybe you want a MM style sound - this bass has it. Jazz? Sure, it is a bit different but it's there.

    Or... you do what I do and just slam on this thing and make it go CLANK CLANK CLANK CLANK. Super cool, super fun - and so light!

    Dingwall pickups, 3 dome style knurled nickel knobs (all hardware is in smoke chrome colour, really sweet looking and premium feeling), rail style bridge(s) - individually adjustable. I wish this one came with the newer bridge that is just a one, slick looking piece like this:


    But you know what? I will live.

    This little darling sports a solid 5 piece satin and smooth maple neck with a pau ferro fingerboard equipped with tiny, baby sized banjo silver nickel frets (kind of took me by surprise how tiny they feel because I am used to freaking Warwick brass frets and just jumbo frets in general) so, at least to me the distance between the strings/frets/fingerboard and all their relations feel... different. Small and gentle.

    Despite being assembled in China, this thing is truly impeccable. All the frets are absolutely perfect, the nut is cut as it should be. Not a single speck, not a single ding (heh), no leftover dust or wood particles anywhere, no mismatch in the colour, fit, finish - nothing. Tight and stable neck pocket, clean lines, no blemishes anywhere, super smooth fret ends, no sprout - nada.

    The bridge in action. Easy to work with, does its job - not really much to say about that. I have never seen a bridge like this before in person, so this was definitely a cool experience. It's so simple even I can work it! Yay!


    Khaya (it is African Mahogany) body - never heard of it before, but it feels pretty damn light with this whole bass.

    Fanned frets in action. Obviously I am still getting used to this - but I like it. It doesn't feel much different than your normal frets. Very cool!

    Hipshot Ultralites - heard plenty of good things about those online, finally got to try them out myself. I believe those are the licensed ones. They seem slick and have the same finish as the rest of the hardware - smoked chrome nickel. It has this swirly quality to it, it looks very "metal". Best bass for metal, perhaps? Feel premium, too.

    The kind man who I bought this from gave me two packs of fresh Dingwall strings for this, the premium gigbag this beast came with and some tools.

    And here they are - sisters in crime. I really love how thin and sleek the D-Roc is - really quite something. Again, feels like a sports car or maybe a jet, not a bass. Really cool - I feel like a kid by having this just like when I got my lovely Spector.

    Well, that brings me to the end of this post!
    I hope you have all enjoyed reading my little summary and that the day finds you well, still :)

    Have a great one - until next time!

    @el murdoque
    "(...)If my Spector breaks(...)"
    Yeah, right! Pffff :roflmao:
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    That thing is bee yoo tee full! Congrats!
  3. monsterthompson

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    Nov 25, 2008
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  4. beatdatthang

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    Aug 29, 2011
    Awesome! Congrats! Another weapon for your tone arsenal! You now own two of the best for that!
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  5. KaraQ

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    Apr 19, 2020
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    Such a beautiful bass! Congrats! :thumbsup:
  6. Tim Skinner

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    Nov 6, 2018
    Congrats and welcome to the Dingwall world! I LOVE my Combustion and have loved the D-Rocs I have played at my local shop.

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  7. Interspace Station

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    Congrats! Love that finish, really cool, and it just looks like a fantastic instrument to play. Small frets for the win!
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    Mar 6, 2019
    I saw that 1st photo of the Epiphone and thought, " She should get a Sandberg or a Dingwall." Then I scrolled.

    That's a bad bass! Congrats!!
  9. LadyLoveStingRay5


    Jul 17, 2004
    You go girl!!! :cool::hyper::smug:
    You have chosen well!!:thumbsup:
    Nice set of basses . :bassist::drool:
  10. LadyLoveStingRay5


    Jul 17, 2004
    Thanks to this lady, I’ve always loved the look of that bass shape. I bet you could pull off this look with your hair and clothes just right.
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  11. coy garcia

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    Jan 18, 2020
    I never got along with fanned fret basses but that new toy or yours is something special!!! Congrats :D
  12. JRA

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    nice story/description/review, @Katoosie, and what a cool looking ax! you're right --- it has a sports car thing goin' for it --- very sleek --- and that finish is the bomb! i believe you re: all the sounds, that beast looks equipped to handle anything.

    glad you got one of your "quest" axes! congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:
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    Sep 1, 2014
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  14. Mighty fine, mighty fine
  15. Ghastly


    Oct 18, 2015
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    Beautiful bass and a pleasant read! Congratulations.
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  16. thisheregiraffe


    Aug 24, 2019
    Congrats on a really cool new bass! :thumbsup: Enjoy it.

    I have been increasingly interested in multiscale basses lately, especially Dingwalls... I need to find a store somewhere near me that has some so I can try them out!
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  17. XLunacy


    Nov 28, 2013
    Welcome to the world of fanned frets... You are now trapped :woot:
    Enjoyed reading the story and the pictures; enjoy your new instrument !
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  18. Phew!! It's no joke how good that bass looks...bet the playability and sounds match.
    Congratulations! May it serve you well.
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    musician/artist/owner - Gildaxe
    Thunderbird Club We welcome all versions of TSO's - Thunderbird Shaped Objects!
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    Congrats @Katoosie ...that baby is KILLER!