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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by dopejohnpaul, May 12, 2021.

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    So, I’m currently waiting patiently for some custom pieces to get back from Warmoth, so I can get back to my custom build (you’ll hear much more about this in forthcoming threads).

    So in the meantime, I was doing an inventory of pieces I had laying around the house, and there were pieces I’d split off of complete basses where I sold the neck/body only. Drawers full of hardware. After assessment, I had just about everything I needed to build a complete P bass that’ll kick ass. I’ll have more pictures updated as I finish it all up, but I was just too excited to wait and share. All parts were pulled off brand new basses at some point and never touched again, except the Alder standard body which I bought brand new from Strato and stuck in a closet for. Rainy day lol. Everything is in excellent, flawless condition. Here are the deets-

    -Maple Blocked & Bound P Special loaded Neck off that FSR sexy Seafoam PJ deluxe
    -Standard Alder Precision body, ordered new from Strato and was never utilized until now. I’ll be doing the drilling tomorrow.
    -Fender HiMass Bridge
    -EMG GZRs which I ordered by accident trying to get the PJ set. (That’s actually how this whole thing started). So I just kept them to be perfect for this build. Complete solderless install. It was a breeze.
    -Fender genuine chrome knobs and strap buttons
    -Fender deluxe gig bag

    I spent nothing in the immediate, as I had these parts at the house, but pricing it all out as it cost me over time would be about $1000-1050 (about what the current P Specials are going for new, but with some varying features/upgrades. This bass will be a beast. Obviously it isn’t complete, so I’ll update once I get it all setup, cleaned up, and strung.

    Too bad I already own 4 Ps. Something has to go. May see a FS/FT post in the future, in case anyone has a fun 5er they might wanna trade. Anyhow, enjoy my little parts baby :)

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