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  1. 68292570-80C6-4CD1-8274-E6C13BE82CA3.jpeg About 10 years ago, I bought a used bass from a friend of a friend for $75. It was a beat up old black Fender P bass. I jammed on it a little then handed it down to my little brother. I think he was 6 or 7. Now, he has no interest in bass whatsoever. So I was at my dads the other day and pulled it out. Did a little research and it’s an E series MIJ Fender Precision Medium Scale (32”) Bass. Pretty cool! Thing has fantastic, big, blossoming tone. Posted it next to a standard precision for size comparison.
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    Gotta love finding an old treasure you forgot you had!
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    I have an F series MIJ Strat, beautiful instrument. IIRC at this time (~1985) it was a transition period for Fender and there were no instruments produced in the US as they moved factories. The MIJ guitars were the highest quality Fender instruments you could buy at the time.

    I'm sure there are others that know more than I, that can fill in the blanks. Enjoy it!
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  4. Yeah, man! I own another mid 80’s P bass and have owned 2 others. They’re great instruments!
  5. Right? So cool!