NBD (Kindof) ESP LTD D6

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    Dec 31, 2006
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    After a bunch of research and trips to Sam Ash and GC to find a 6 string that is comfortable for me to play I finally settled on an ESP LTD D6. I was up in the air between this and the B206 (was only able to try the B206 in the store), but finally setlled on the D6 primarily because I figured the 34" scale and neck through would help make it the easiest for me to play.

    First the Good

    Needless to say I made a good decision. This thing plays like "buttah". I also think it looks fabulous. It came out of the box what seems like a good setup, neck looks straight, just enough relief to make it play well with reasonably low action. B string seems good, considering the strings that come stock on it (Cleartone?). Was really looking forward to hitting the woodshed with this and work on some 6-string chops. :bassist:

    The Not so Good

    So I noticed that the treble control basically does nothing. Bass and midrange controlls have a very wide range of control. I thought maybe loose wire, bad solder joint? So I opened the control cavity to take a look at the pots, wiring, etc. Could not see anything obviously wrong. Soldering looks fine, I checked the in-circuit pot resistances with my DVM for B, M, and T controls and were all the same. Wires seem to plug into the preamp but the plugs look partially potted so it didn't look like I could try re-seating the connector.

    I'm a bit bummed at the moment. I really like the bass and want to keep it, but I'm thinking I just need to send it back for an exchange (ordered online from zZounds. They are here in Jersey so I was able to get it in less than 2 days). Has anyone experienced anything similar with the LTD's that have the same electronics? :crying:

    Obligatory (crappy cellphone) pic or it didn't happen:

  2. I'm sure the replacement bass would be just as good, if not better. I'd be bothered by the treble control not working too.