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    Hi All:

    Even though I have been a working adult the better part of 10 years and in my mid 30's, my father graciously wanted to get me a new bass for Christmas even though he is a man of very, very humble in means. As many of you know, I have been after an acoustic bass for a while.

    I tried convincing him to just get me a Takamine or Boulder Creek acoustic bass, but he refused (somewhat angrily), saying he wanted to get me a sweet instrument that could last a lifetime and told me to get the most expensive acoustic they had at Southpaw, and ended up getting this Martin (which I had wanted) from Southpaw as an early Christmas present. Apparently, it had been purchased a few years earlier, and the person traded in to Southpaw to get another.

    I had spent a lot of time with the Martin acoustic basses when I visited Houston twice this year and loved them, so this was not a sight unseen purchase.:hyper:

    Took it to my luthier who gave it a thorough once over and declared it good. Jimmy told me that this was the only Martin lefty that had an upgraded gloss top, and also gave me a great deal based on his remembering some conversations we had earlier. Light bass, beautiful tone. Looking forward to many years of enjoyment. :bassist:

    Ok, enough droning, more pictures. No more acoustic bass threads from me (I think).


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  2. Awesome story, and awesome bass! It's huge for parents to support the musical endeavors of their children. Always love it when my parents do mine, and I will definitely support those of my children.