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NBD - Mayones Patriot MM

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Fliptrique, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Fliptrique


    Jul 22, 2002
    Szczecin, Poland
    Endorsing Artist: Mayones Guitars&Basses
    So now I have two:)

    The 4-string patriot with Big Singles/Nord 3 band pre became my main - and after a while - only instrument. It sounds great, I like it a lot and it`s extremely comfortable. So I ordered a second one, this time 5-sting.

    I used to own a Patriot 5 for a few years that was great but a bit too heavy for me. The new ones have both roasted Ash Bodies and while not feather-weight, both are a solid 1kg less than my old fiver.

    I went a tiny bit indulgent, and contacted Nordstrand to build me a neck pickup that is basically a half of their excellend 5.2 MM pickup. They did, and boy - does it sound good :) There is also a noticeable difference between the modern 3-band, transparent nord pre and their old school, 2-band, boost only, compressed MM pre. They`re both great but vastly different.

    I`ve only managed to record a few clips due to my maudio acting up, but here they are:

    thats the MM soloed, then Both pickup with the MM split (so basically two singe coils), and finally both pickups with the MM in humbucking mode.

    and a crappy cellphone test of the slap tone:

    patriots_1. patriots_2.

    BTW - check out the flames ;)
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2017
  2. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    DFW, Texas
  3. walldaja


    Apr 27, 2011
    Llittle cat is cool too!
  4. eastcoasteddie


    Mar 24, 2006

  5. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    DFW, Texas
    I think I'm in Lust!
  6. Fliptrique


    Jul 22, 2002
    Szczecin, Poland
    Endorsing Artist: Mayones Guitars&Basses
    I`ve had it for a while now and I REALLY dig the pickup combo.

    Being - mostly - a rock n roll player I have two usable tones with the big singles - both pickups on, and the neck soloed. With this one I use 3 distinct tones - the MM, both pickups in single coil (jazz-like) and the neck soloed that`s somewhere between a p and j neck pickup.

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  7. Element Zero

    Element Zero Supporting Member

    Dec 14, 2016
    Both look killer.
  8. FunkHead

    FunkHead Supporting Member

    Mar 10, 2007
    Just found this thread. Man those are Sweet basses. I hope you are still digging them. I have a Slogan Gothic 5 MBC on the way. I can't wait to get it. It looks just like this but it's a 2018 model: mayones_slogan_5_gothic_swamp_ash_aguilar_mbc_2013_1600.
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