NBD Mighty Mite/Stew-Mac body & USACG neck J clone

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    Jan 8, 2010
    New Haven, CT
    image.jpeg I jumped on the sale jazz bodies this past winter, this one in Sonic Blue, which doesn't show well on my iPad. I wish I had grabbed a P body. Finish is OK, machining is good, neck fit is perfect, only requiring a little scraping of the finish out of the pocket.

    The neck I spec'd from USA Custom Guitars with pau ferro on mahogany, top truss rod adjust, 21 frets, 1.5 in nut, 62 back contour, 10-16 in radius, EVO 6125 fret wire, cream face/white side dots. Three weeks after I ordered, about the time it was due, the shop told me that the mahogany would not stop moving. I asked what else was available, and they mentioned roasted maple, so I said go ahead. Three more weeks later, it was ready to ship, so I called to see if it could be shipped via US Postal Service (USPS), but it had already gone out via UPS. Now, normally I would not care too much, but we were in the middle of a 10 day rain event; UPS always (Really) leaves my packages in the rain, whereas USPS always puts them in a plastic bag, if rain is threatening. So, they issued a recall to UPS, hoping it could be brought back from the local terminal, but no such luck. It traveled across the States from WA to CT, before it was recalled, a six day trip. (It was raining the day UPS told me they were sending it all the way back to USACG!) Tommy, the owner, and Brendan inspected the neck and repackaged it a week later, and sent it out USPS Priority mail. I had it three days later, left in a plastic bag.

    Cannot say enough about USACG. I did not realize it, but the roasted maple had an up charge, which they waived. They also re-shipped the neck via USPS air mail, another up charge I never saw.
    Also, my local post office was on the lookout for the package and always takes good care of us here.

    Anyways, the Schaller BML tuners, from Warmouth, had one odd bushing, which was loose in the peg head hole. Warmouth, also with awesome customer service, sent another out gratis once I discovered the problem a month later.

    CTS pots, including a push-pull S1 tone switch.

    Cavalier pickups from Rob Distefano in New Jersey. These are wound slightly hotter, but still are very controllable. He is a treasure.

    I shielded the cavities and the back of the pick guard with the Stew-Mac kit, which I plan on using on a scratch build I'm finishing.

    Hipshot A bridge, which I have been wanting to try. I have the old bent metal on my other fretless J bass, and I like this one a little better. The nut is a Graphtek, which I need to trim and polish.

    The pick guard is from Rockin Billy in NS, CANADA. I think the Crab Nebula on it looks nice, and may switch it with another one, kind of a blue "tort." It needed a little tweak on my oscillating table sander to fit perfectly. Billy offered to take it back, but it was an easy fix, so I declined.

    I have some flats on it right now I bought from a fellow TB'er, and may try some rounds on it later.

    The neck set up like a dream. I broke down and ordered the set of neck shims from Stew-Mac, because I hate sticking pieces of business cards or hotel keys in the pocket since the store-bought shims became available. Once I'm happy with the position of the shim, I'll trim it.

    The neck will be finished in nitrocellulose lacquer, which I'm set up to do. I haven't had any experience with the water-based finishes yet.

    Thanks for looking, and also for all the great posts here on Talkbass.
    Great forum.
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    that's a really nice looking instrument. and, although i promised myself i would never make a big deal (on TB) out of anyone's choice of pickguard, i gotta' say: nice!
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    Jan 8, 2010
    New Haven, CT
    Thank-you, JRA. I cannot take credit, as my GF insisted on something less traditional, and picked this one (and the blue tortoise-shell one) out of the lineup. She is a classical music composer and former violist, BTW, and so understands the feeling being labeled somewhat of an outlier because of her instrument! When she saw the completed instrument for the first time, she immediately removed her clothes. I like this bass A LOT.
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    JRA my words = opinion Gold Supporting Member

    i think you should spread this around TB: if knowledge of this becomes widespread we'd have fewer, but more meaningful, threads.

    nice job!
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    Jan 8, 2010
    New Haven, CT
    H-m-m-m . . . I think I see where this is headed: This instrument may inspire disinhibition on the dance floor, AND I will have full control of the movement of the disinhibitantes hips by manipulation of two fingers on my right hand! Diabolical.
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