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NBD! (My first Squier! and bonus Peavey G***** content)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Din Of Win, Nov 1, 2010.

  1. Hey TB,

    I hope 'yall had a great Halloween weekend!

    Yesturday, Halloween proper, my favorite MD music shop, Atomic Music, had a ginormous sale! So, i took some things down to trade in, and left any REAL cash at home...

    After trading a few pedals and an unused cab, i had $250 to work with... and MAN, i feel like i totally made out like a bandit!

    First: After my writeup a few weeks ago about my bassgazing experiences at CMJ fest in NYC, i was REALLY GASing for a short scale (If you didn't read the post, 18 of the 34 (IIRC) bassists played Mustangs/Musicmasters). Well, wouldn't you know it?! Atomic had a 70's musicmaster!! I tried it out and... soooorta liked it. Its output was weak and the action was pretty botched. Also, with a $600 price tag, it was well over my $250. sadface.jpg

    Well, after perusing the rest of the basses... low-and behold, i see THREE more short scales. One was a pointy stock Kramer... buuut, i have two P/Js already, so that was a pass. Next was an Aria EB-3 short scale copy... HOLY CRAP it was beautiful, and played great... BUT, out of my price range again. Last... a lil' red Squier Bronco bass. With the same type of bullet pickup (i think) as the Musicmaster, i actually got to A-B them against one another!! The ONLY thing that was better on the musicmaster was the neck... the Squier feels, sounds, and plays AMAZINGLY!

    So, after a bit of finnagling, i got the lil' Bronco bass at a steal, for $75. This is my FIRST ever Squier, and i'm super impressed. I may swap the neck when i get a chance... but certainly not a priority for now.

    Well... that accounted for part of the $250... the rest:

    I got a nifty lil' Line6 POD so i have something i can practice with headphones. My roommates were happy about this purchace :D

    Lastly... In what i feel was my best steal of the day, an early 90's US made Peavey Reactor guitar. It's a Telecaster body, and has thee most phoenominal action i have ever played!!! I talked 'em down to $90 for it!!! :eek:

    They actually had a FEW awesome Peaveys for AWESOME prices... i tried REALLLY hard to talk a lil' punk kid into buying the US Peavey Patriot bass... but... his words, "i can't be in a punk band with a bass called a 'patriot'"... yep... also a couple sweet Dyna basses, a Foundation and a BEAUTIFUL MidnightWine T40.

    Pics when i gets home!
  2. PS... if anyone has any fun Bronco mod ideas/pics to share, i'm in need of some inspiration!!
  3. KramerBassFan


    Jan 3, 2009
    The Kramer was not short scale, unless it had an aluminum neck. :)

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