NBD, NAD and back to bassland (SX 57 P)

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    Jul 12, 2017
    I'm so happy right now :laugh:
    Three days ago, I bought this beautiful SX 57 P and a small Laney LX10B practice amp. IMO is better than my last three basses I had before giving up a couple years ago (A squier VM P all maple, a yamaha rbx 374 and an old affinitty J bass). I love it. It feels great, sounds good, and it doesn't have any dead spots or sharp frets. :hyper: maybe I was lucky , oh and we still get the fender headstock shape down here :cool:
    The amp is small and cheap but the speaker is good and gives me the tone I want at low volume without farting (Eric Avery in Nothing's Shocking)

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