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    Aug 17, 2007
    Bowie, MD
    Douglas, that is:

    IMG_20190819_222455.jpg IMG_20190819_222623.jpg

    Please excuse the mess. Came yesterday from rondo, with case. I'm guessing that the fact that it came with a case means this was a return. I may understand why too.

    This is not my style, but it has active pups and with the case was a heck of a deal! The pre is OK, but I think I would prefer a 3 band for dealing with the actives.

    So, first issue was that the intonation screw for the G string was unable to hold in the portion of it's travel needed to get the intonation correct. I happened to have had a replacement bridge of a similar style so I just replaced it, along with the strings.

    Second issue is the tuner for the D string binds. I have a tuner I can probably drop in, but I haven't done that yet, wanted to get back to trying it out.

    I know these actives aren't high quality, but they aren't harsh and they do help me understand why people describe active pups as sterile. Still, in addition to that familiar pushed, sterile tone, I can approach passive tones if I dial back both treble and bass, and I think I could do even better with a mid control on the pre. I think I finally have a bass that will require help from the amp, if I want that passive wrap-your-arms-around-me-and-hug-me tone.

    A nice bass for a nice price to learn about actives... in general.
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  2. dabbler


    Aug 17, 2007
    Bowie, MD
    Sigh, I should have known better, but when Rondo says active pickups, they really mean preamp. Anyways, I had to rewire the leads to the jack because somebody wired the negative battery lead to the GROUND lug and NOT the ring lug on the jack. for those of you who aren't familiar this will drain your battery even when there is no plug in the jack if the body of the jack is grounded (which is very likely if the electronics cavity is shielded)!

    What surprises me most about this, though, is that this is the second bass I've had to fix this error on (the other was a Harley Benton). I know it's hard to get good help and they probably pay these assembly folks but the piece but still somebody should have checked that SOMEwhere in the QC process. Oh wait, I'm assuming there IS a QC process! Silly me!
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