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NBD: New Bargain Day (used Cort B5FL)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Bad_tattoo, Apr 11, 2021.

  1. Bad_tattoo


    Jan 23, 2019
    The Story:
    So I was hankering to play fretless again after putting it down years ago and scoured the interbutts for something that was to my tastes. I used to play in a death metal band and because I had no hope of playing 16th triplets in 120bpm with my fingers, I decided to buy a 6 string fretless bass because I was out of my mind. Later we had some roster changes, I ended up on guitar, and I moved on to regular basses for other purposes. Band disbanded a while ago, but now it is time to butcher notes again!
    It had to be at least 5 strings, modern looking and a production model. I had also forgotten how comparatively rare those are! The Cort B4FL fit the bill but alas, lacking that vital extra string. Supposedly they made a 5 string version in the past- so off I went to the used market, and sitting in France for half a year was this brunette I had to make an offer on. Ended up with less than half the price of a new B4FL!


    20210411_112007.jpg 20210411_112033.jpg 20210411_112026.jpg 20210411_112111.jpg 20210411_112125.jpg

    The Bass:

    Finely made I must say! Due to the used condition it has some marks and scratches, but most of my basses are used so I don't mind at all (that's the mojo thing you guys talk about right)
    Pots look well worn but are oiled properly and turn effortlessly- no loose or stuck/sticky turners.
    Pickups can move up and down fine as well. The bridge must have jogged some noggins down in France, because all the saddles were loose as well as the height adjusters. After fiddling a few minutes I realised the trick: you have to raise the saddle to clamp it to the bridge above to secure it. Somewhat counter intuitive so I'm not surprised it went over their heads! A neat system but I understand why they changed to the simpler hipshot style.

    The neck is a nice thick slab of rosewood and a rare treat- one piece wenge! feels absolutely gorgeous; I have wenge necks on several of my guitars/basses and it never disappoints. Though I have heard 1pc wenge necks can move around a bit, and there is a slight 'hill' right about where the volute starts, which I can barely feel with my hand, but is a minor concern. Probably nothing. Tuning washer on the B string needed tightening, again easily remedied.

    Soapbars have always irritated me because 'soapbar' doesn't say lick about what type of pickup is actually beneath! The tried and true bart mk1 pickup/pre combo. Never used them before but since they sound neither like J nor M style pickups I assume it's a P/P config of a sort. And they're pretty good! I'd say the preamp does the job but not in any elegant way, held against the MEC preamp of my Warwicks (which are very natural to my ears) the MK1 sounds more like a studio preamp thing? Reminds me of the EMG style pre in my Dingwall- very utilitarian. Fits my needs for this bass though, the mid cut/boost sits right where you can move in and out through the mix, without adding boom or sizzle.

    Of course, it has plenty of fretless 'mwah' and 'honk' and 'bump' and the usual associated buzzwords depending on settings. It's very lively!

    Only real bummer I have about it is the faded finish tarnish around the pots. Any ideas how to polish it up from any of you old experts? I usually don't do finished basses so I only have wax and oils handy, don't think they'll do much good here!

    What am I going to use it for? Why, I am going to put some roundwounds on, slather it with distortion, and use it in my black metal band, of course. I can't wait for someone in the audience lose their mind because 1, the band has a bassist 2, he probably took the neck of a cello and put it on a guitar or something, what the hell is that thing

    Thank you for reading my thread!

    BADEDIT: on a whim I looked up the serial number: she'll be 19 in may! what a gal!
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2021
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