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    I used to have a Nordy vJ4 many years ago, and it may have been the best bass guitar I’ver had and played. It was a passive bass, with Big Singles, it had a stunning rosewood neck, and it played like a dream. I foolishly sold it when I thought I had to have a vintage Fender P bass… C’est la vie!

    Fast forward through a few vintage P basses, a move to playing 5 string, some offshore manufacturers, and still my heart yearned for that vJ4. Until last week when I saw this for sale in the classifieds and like a hungry Brown Trout I bit.

    I’m happy to present my new to me (#188) Nordy vJ5, with NJ5 vintage pickups, with 60s spacing, and with a Brazilian rosewood board on one of the best playing necks I’ve ever played.




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  2. Wow wow wow! Gorgeous. Congrats!
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