NBD: 'not having to hide the low B string notes?': priceless!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Junta, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Junta


    Aug 11, 2016
    Asked for your help to get the right 5-string as a beginner, and I got some pretty good input.

    I decided on this:

    © Dingwall 2018

    View attachment 2927436

    View attachment 2927437

    But found out that those started at $2650 CAD! And the colors I wanted were over $3K CAD...

    Sooooo, I went with an NG2 Adam "Nolly" Getgood Signature 5 string.

    Here it is, amongst the guitars of doom :bassist:

    View attachment 2928449

    Nasty finger-print display? Oh yeah!!! Why purple? Because this is the only color I could tolerate. Awesome colors with the Super J, silly ones with the NG2... No offense to anybody!

    Oh, and I think, the body looks butt ugly! Do I care? I am going to lie and say no :vomit:.

    View attachment 2928450

    From Left to right: Drop A, NG2 will go back and forth between A and B, Standard tuning, and CGDGBE

    View attachment 2928451

    Now, time to play :)

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  2. Junta


    Aug 11, 2016

    GOOSEBUMPS... I had to sit down.

    This is incredible. Instant Carnivool - Jon Stockman sound.

    I did not even have to mess with EQ! If only I had 1% of his talent!

    I came no where close to achieving that sound with my Ibanez SRFF805. What a diffference! Sooooo glad I got rid of the Ibanez.

    I plugged into my Seymour Duncan Studio Bass, that into Darkglass Alpha Omega, and into Ampeg PF-20T tube head. 2x10 Traynor Cab.


    I gotta say, this purchase made the MOST difference (in the right direction!) in my tone, guitar and bass, ever.

    Dingwall... Wow!

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  3. Junta


    Aug 11, 2016
    I no longer need to try to hide that I hit a note on the B string. Perfectly integrated with the rest of the bass!

    This is soooo amazing.

    Dingwall! (Fellow Canadians :)) Thank you.
  4. MMiller28

    MMiller28 Supporting Member

    Apr 27, 2003
    What the hell is going on in here?
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  5. Junta


    Aug 11, 2016

    I just wanted to leave a trace... In case other beginners are interested in this.
  6. MDBass

    MDBass Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    Endorsing Artist: Dingwall-Fender-Bergantino-Dunlop-Tech 21-Darkglass-Nordstrand
    Is white a silly color? ;)

    Enjoy the new bass! :bassist:
  7. Junta


    Aug 11, 2016
    White? Check!:thumbsup:

    Better than purple, that’s for sure!
  8. jeffb28451


    Aug 6, 2006
    Leland NC
    I got confused last week and accidentally hit the b on my 5 string...
  9. Junta


    Aug 11, 2016
    Oh no! Did that make you cringe? Mistakes happen.
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