NBD: Omen Extreme 5

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  1. This is my second ever new bass. You could count my other Schecter, a Raiden Special 4 I bought that had to be a display model, it was labeled as used but it came pretty much new.

    Amazon had a 20% off thing going for this bass and I burned up my points and spent about $124 on this guy. Wouldn't pay full retail for it, has no arm rout it digs in my forearm like a Les Paul. But for twice what I paid or even thrice it's a really nice bass. Setup was pretty good, although the neck is straight I might give it some relief to get rid of some buzz when I play it with a capo. All the hardware feels really nice too, only thing I plan to change I already have; added strap locks after taking the photos.

    I really like this bridge. Not quite what you should call 'high mass' but definitely higher mass than the normal bent plate. A good compromise.

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    Schecter makes nice basses. That's a good looking bass. Congrats.
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