NBD: Oops I did it again...Squier Bronco

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Texas_Jazzman75, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. Well as I usually end up doing I was out patrolling the area the other day and while not actually intending on buying anything came across a deal I couldn't pass. Sitting on the rack of other cheaply priced instruments I saw this little Squier Bronco and dang knows I have never seen one in this good of condition at that price I looked it over figuring there must be something because normally I had only seen them slightly less than going price.

    After a a few minutes the salesperson came over and told me go ahead as I was about to start playing something I guess she figured. I told her I was just looking it over to to which she replied with a cock of her head and raise of an eyebrow that she knew I knew more about it than I was putting on. I gave her a slight nod and continued my inspection.

    After few min I was sold and walked out with it. Another impulse buy...I know that y'all have all done it a few times lol. Anyhow it look like a good little project and I've been looking at a short scale bass to try out so I swapped the tuners for some Affinity P Bass paddle head tuners..perfect fit BTW. Did redrill the mounting screw holes. Also swapped out the bridge for a standard 4 saddle. Eyeballed the location and drilled...yea I can feel the luthiers in the room gasping in horror.

    Anyhow here she is pre hack. Thinking maybe a chrome mini humbucker in the bridge and possibly a tort guard.. Suggestions on popular mods or what not besides toss it and buy a genuine Fender? Fun little players they are. Message_1555442943378.jpg Message_1555442972716.jpg
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    Now we want the after Pics!!
  3. Yes pics would be nice..here ya go. 20190421_213106_2.jpg
    Mounted a standard vintage bridge, decided a chrome cover would look good so...then chiseled the pickup route to fit a mini humbucker... 20190421_211900_2.jpg
    Voila! She is a beauty and plays great. Can hold her own with the big boys perhaps even better...Next mod will be to add a push/pull series pot to split the coil. And only cost me some time and a bit of a finger...due to a slip with a chisel. Message_1555879890729.jpg
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