NBD - Peavey Foundation 2000 lined fretless.

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  1. Clark W

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    Aug 26, 2018
    Well I did it. I traded an Ibanez SR400EQM that has gotten very little playing time out of me over the last year and half for a Peavey Foundation 2000 Lined Fretless with hardshell case. Resale on both basses is around $300 or so, I think it worked out ok. And I have a fretless in my arsenal now. I have to go back tomorrow and pick up strap buttons for it that didn't get put on it before I snatched it up. 15 min drive, no big deal.

    What I don't know about this bass...
    Year it was made and what pups are in it.

    The neck feels way better than my SR400 I traded in and I'll run it through it's paces this afternoon. If I'm not happy with it I can take it back. But I think it will be just fine. It's a local shop that I try to do as much business with as I can and they always look out for me. And yes it's about time to cut the grass again.

    Paint has gold flake in it.

    Anyone know anything about Peavey's serial numbers?




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  2. Eilif

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    Oct 1, 2001
    As a Foundation 2000, The serial number is further along than the most common serial number charts which end with 0770xxxx numbers in 1996. So it was made sometime between 1996 and the discontinuation of the Foundation in 2002. Based on the name my guess is sometime between 2000 and 2002.

    The pickups are VFL, which are well regarded, though I'm no expert. I don't know what differences there are but I think at least some VFL's are actual active pickups like EMG. I think they were used in Cirrus basses and my dad's Cirrus is smoking. I hope you like them though since, AFAIK, nothing else has the same dimensions.

    As for the trade, I think you came out well. The SR400EQM is a fine bass, but it's just another Ibanez that will be outdated in a couple years and slowly lose value. The Foundation 2000 on the other hand is a fairly uncommon made in USA bass. It's not a collectors item, but it will hold it's value and may even appreciate a little. It's not an investment, but many other MIA Peavey's have gained a little value in the past decade since Peavey discontinued American instrument production.
  3. Clark W

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    Aug 26, 2018
    I can definitely see this Peavey holding it's value 10 years down the road, the Ibanez, definitely not. I bought a 2000 Peavey Millennium BXP 5 for $200 back in February. And though the BXP is not a made in USA bass, it still feels and sounds better than the 2018 SR400 I traded today for the Foundation. And the Foundation feels fantastic. I'm waiting out a thunderstorm right now before I plug in any gear, but I'll be playing the Foundation for awhile tonight when I do.
  4. ElBecko59


    Aug 30, 2019
    Nice bass ! Your color is called "Pearl White" I got mine , only it's a gold fretted 4 string and I love it :thumbsup:
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  5. JRA

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    nice deal, great looking ax, OP! i wouldn't worry about it holding value --- if you bond with it = it becomes priceless! good luck with the bonding and congratulations on your new instrument! :thumbsup:
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    Aug 30, 2019
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