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NBD Rogue LX205B

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by One_Dude, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. OK, before the flaming arrows start let me explain. I have played bass for about 35 years, and over that time have acquired a number of instruments including a Gibson Grabber, Gibson Ripper, Fender Jazz and Precision, G&L SB1, Peavey T40, Epiphone Viola, Ibanez (1970's) Precision copy, and an Epiphone EB-1 Fretless. There are several others also, but you get the idea.

    I still have every bass I have ever owned and enjoy playing them in rotation. I play in a Bluegrass Band, an Americana Band, and at church 2 to 4 times a month. So there's plenty of opportunity to keep the dust off of my basses.

    Been wanting to put my toe in the 5 string water for a while and picked up a "Bass Collection" 5 string that is a great bass but in need of some work before playing out with it. Then came a MF gift certificate from my son and the recent Cyber Monday. MF had this bass on sale and in stock. I read all the user reviews which were generally favorable, so I pulled the trigger.

    The new bass arrived yesterday so here are my observations.

    Cosmetics are good; no scratches, mars, or paint problems. Fret ends are smooth and all hardware functions as it should. The fretboard is well finished and the back of the neck has that unfinished look that I have seen on other new basses of late. Not the finish I prefer, but we'll see how it works out. The bass required a complete setup; truss rod had no tension on it and the action was high once the strings were brought up to correct pitch. The truss rod adjusted successfully and proper relief was achieved. Action was still too high. Adjusted string height at the bridge and now the action is as it should be. The nut is black plastic and will not win any beauty contests, but does function for now. Intonation was good and did not require an adjustment. As other reviewers have mentioned; the pickups are a weak point on this unit. I adjusted the height of the pickups and there was a slight improvement, but the volume is still less than desired.

    Some new bass descriptions list the brand of strings that come as the original equipment, but there is no string information on the MF site for this bass. Perhaps new quality strings will help with the low volume output.

    My initial thoughts; seems like a well made unit with good fit and finish. Of course I can't rate its durability since I just got it, and also can't rate how it will sound in a live music situation with a full band. The issue that bothers me at the moment is the low output from the pickups. The volume and tone pots work as they should; it just seems like the pickups are not as sensitive as I would like. For the amount of money I have in this unit I can afford to upgrade the pickups if necessary; going to try new strings first.

    This is only the second new bass I have ever purchased; I prefer to buy used because I can play the actual unit I am interested in. Would I have bought this unit used with the low output pickups if I happened upon one; that's a good question and I am not sure of my answer. It certainly would have been even cheaper used, but I generally do not like to buy instruments that have issues. I have done so in the past a few times and have generally been able to rectify the problem successfully. I suspect the same will be true with this bass.

    Any recommendations out there for high output strings. I am partial to flat wound, but they may not be right for this bass.

    Thump on,

  2. jd56hawk


    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    You forgot something.
    Other than that, have you considered this?
    The one Behringer product I know of that gets countless good reviews.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2018
  3. I really like your suggestion of the Behringer V tone bass driver; it may be a good solution for this problem. I read the reviews and it seems like, along with its other functions, it can act as an external preamp. I think I will order one to try it.

    Thanks for your response.

    Thump on,

  4. dabbler


    Aug 17, 2007
    Bowie, MD
    Change the strings before you do anything.

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