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  1. i thought I was done. I bought a sweet Les Paul a few months back, and then an equally sweet AVRI P bass and I said I was done. No need for anything else...

    Then along comes this sweetheart on the GC used site at a price I couldn’t pass up...

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on a Sandberg for a couple years now, but it just hasn’t worked out. I figured that I’d be able to play it, check it out, and use that 45 day return policy if it didn’t work out.

    But daaaaang, I think it’s gonna work out. So many sounds out of her! I’ve been playing downtuned, heavy, and fast hardcore with an AVRI Jazz bass, and, while it sounds killer, it’s not the best platform for what I’m doing- I replaced the bridge for stability, and shimmed the neck for a better break angle over the saddles. I think this Sandberg might be the ticket. It can be bubbly bridge pickup J, throaty scooped, both pickups dimed jazz, convincing P with neck soloed...and that’s not even touching the monster dual coil in the back. Engage that, and it’s everything but a little deeper, not meaner, just deeper. So cool. The passive tones are beautiful as well. I think I’m gonna put that ol j bass back to stock and just enjoy her as is.

    But here’s the caveat. The ad clearly stated item comes with case...it didn’t. I’ve taken it up with GC, waiting to hear back. In the meantime, enjoy the pics!

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    Congrats! Very pretty bass. Hope they get you a case for it.
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  3. Thanks! I’m in contact with GC about it, but they seem to be dodging me...not the first time with their avoidance shenanigans.
  4. Beautiful, love the color
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    Nice! What's the fretboard wood-love the grain.
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  6. It’s pretty wild, right? I didn’t expect it when I pulled it out of the box. Definitely striking. From what I can gather, I think it’s a particularly grainy piece of pau ferro. As far as color, I think it’s San Remo Blue, but at times it looks a little Lake Placid’ish...any thought? I ran the two through the configuration and came up with these. I’m sure I can just send the serial number to Sandberg and get it cleared up, but this is more fun!

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  7. Ok, according to GC, they’ve found the gig bag and it will be at my house by Friday...it’d be cool if it was actually the Sandberg gig bag, but I’m expecting some sort of econo gig bag that they pulled off the shelf. I’ll keep y’all updated.
    Side question- I’m no carpenter. Does anyone know if Sandberg basses have quartersawn necks? It kinda looks like it does, but I can’t find any documentation.
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  8. Update:
    Contacted Sandberg. The bass is Lake Placid Blue, with a pau ferro fretboard, and it was manufactured in 2017!

    As per the case...Guitar Center said it’d be here Friday...it’s now Sunday, and it’s still not here. I’ll get back on the horn tomorrow. Sigh.
  9. Final update:

    I live chatted with no less than three associates on their website who all insisted that they spoke to the store and the case would be shipped out. Never showed.
    So I called. The guy I spoke to put me on hold and called the store directly after I shared the names and extensions of each other customer service associate with whom I spoke. This was Monday of this week.
    Tuesday comes, and what shows up at my front door, overnighted from SLC? This puppy, plus case candy!
    I set the bass up in drop C#, and it sounds like a monster. It seems to pull much more gain out of my always on B7K. The first band practice with the new bass all set up is tomorrow, so we’ll see how it sits!

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