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  1. Bassnninja


    Jan 5, 2018
    Sooooooo....This came in today.

    Played it at GC before bringing it home. Sounds goooood. Kinsa like mt ergodyne Edc 705, maybe a little warmer, deff better action and easier to play.

    They said it was "new", but ehat gyitar center considers as "new" has yet to be defined by guitar center...we know what it means though..

    Now, as you can see in the pictures theres a pretty big scuff, as well as a crack in the finish on the back there. So they included the gator case at my request.
    Not a bad case, better than my current case for sure.
    The way it sounded was worth dealing with the scuff and stuff, and to NOT have to deal with returns, and reorders was deff ok with me..especially with everything going on right now with shipping. On top of the experiances Iv had with getting a trbx from them twice last year and once this year.

    Question: Whats the best way about repairing the damage. I was thinking a layer of epoxy for the crack in the the paint and just letting the scuff be. Any ideas?

    Aldo I noticed that the passive sound on this bass is huge and I actualky like it. The active side sounds better, however to me.
    The thing that concers me is there is a volume drop between active and passive
    The passive is louder.

    I was playing on an Ampeg combo at the GC, I dont know what model, except it had the scrambler on it.

    On passive with everything at 12 on the bass ,and 1.5 on the volume knob on the amp with eqs at 12...it was as loud as the bass on active, eq flat, at 3 on the amp.

    I know that some basses are more quiet on active due to the EQ, but is this normal for this particular bass? Also I did swap the battery while I was there, no change.

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  2. Killing Floor

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    Feb 7, 2020
    Austin, TX
    That scuff looks like it could be fixed, not sure how handy you are with that stuff. Very cool bass.
    There's no specific guarantee that active is louder than passive so that wouldn't put me off. Did you get a good deal from GC?
  3. Yahboy


    May 21, 2008

    From your pictures, I believe the bass is new from store, but I pretty sure it is a showroom display piece.

    Aboit the different output between active/passive change, I agree the passive mode has nice warmth tone but no notable louder output than active mode.

    Suggest you bring the bass to GC again and, try compare to others SRMS.