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    So after around 2 months I finally have my new Breedlove Solo Jumbo Acoustic Fretless in my hands! Unfortunately the story doesn’t start out good. Got the bass online from The Music Farm. Really nice and well made bass. Has a LR Baggs pickup and preamp, fretless ebony finger board and side sound hole.

    Well it came with D’Daddario Chromes Flat Wound strings. I generally like D’Addario strings, but not these on this bass. So decided to change them with an old set of GHS Pressure Wound strings. Well in the process of changing them this happened.....(the blue tape is to prevent scratches while charging the strings)

    Yep, the bridge cracked! While the bass was still playable, this was unacceptable for a brand new bass. So had to ship the bass back to Breedlove. Big shout out to The Music Farm for pulling some strings to get Breedlove to cover the shipping cost both ways.

    Well Breedlove ended up just sending me a new replacement! Ok, cool. They even put on the GHS strings before shipping it back to me. So here is the new one.....

    Again, a very nice acoustic bass. But still not totally happy with the tone. So (carefully) put on a set of D’Addario Nylon Tape Wounds. Now we’re talkin! What a difference with these tape wounds. Has nice warm tone yet punchy and no finger noise.

    No mistaking it, this is a BIG bass! But because of that, plenty of projection. Well be a fun bass to play around with.
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    Bummer about the crack, but good they took care of it. And tapes are definitely the answer on an ABG.
  3. The first bass I ever truly fell in love with was a Breedlove Atlas Fretless. They seem like a very high-quality product. Glad to hear the issue was resolved!

    Welcome to the ABG club. I ought to pull my Ibanez AEB5E out of its case...

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