NBD - sort of. Cort Steinberger copy content w/pics

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    Feb 17, 2013
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    I posted similar info in the Headless club but thought I'd share with everyone else, too.

    I've had this Cort Steinberger copy for 20+ years. My cousin gave it to me back then. It had a problem with the electronics.
    It seems someone replaced the stock pickups and electronics with EMG active p/j style pickups (I'm not exactly sure what model).

    The bass was beat up a bit.
    -There are 3 large-ish chunks taken out of the side of the fret board, under the 1st, 2nd and 3rd frets. I think his dog had gotten to it.

    -A couple or more spots on the body are banged up.

    -Some of the frets are well worn.

    -The fret board had separated slightly from the neck up at the zero fret. I successfully repaired it with the help of fellow TB'ers. Thanks.

    -The are divots in the back of the neck, I believe were caused by someone wearing a thumb ring on his fretting hand while playing. I recognize this due to the fact I did the same to another bass, many moons ago. :bag: :D

    -On the back of the body, one of my friends decided to draw a skull with my name on its forehead with a ball point pen (perhaps at my request, I don't remember).

    -It needs new knobs.

    It sat in the corner all these years, even making the trip from the U.S. to Greece when I moved in 2009.

    In between all that time I had a friend try to get it playable, but no luck. Once again, it sat.

    It ends up my close friend's friend (here in Athens) repairs guitars. I brought it to him. It had a bad blend pot and a mono output jack instead of a stereo jack (necessary since it was switched to active p'ups). Also, the capacitor was the wrong size.

    He replaced it all with parts I had bought through the help of fellow TB'ers advice over the last few months. And, viola, I have a playable Cort Steinberger bass! It was well worth the wait!

    I did a setup on the bass (truss rod adjustment, string height adjustment, intonation and p'up height adjusment).

    The strings on it are, to my knowledge, the originals that came with the bass.

    This thing sounds BIG and FAT and PUNCHY. Lots of clarity and drive without being muddy. The new capacitor installed gives me a wider range of tone settings with the blend pot.
    No fret buzz. No dead spots. It's light, easy to play.
    Ugly as sin, though. I don't know that I'd ever use it at a live show, but that may change.

    Prior to repairing it I had considered selling it after getting it repaired. Now, I want to keep it. Besides being a joy to play and the great sound, I realize that I can carry it on as hand luggage when I travel my airplane, so I can always have a bass with me when I travel for work or leisure. A very good thing.

    I had also considered, prior to having it repaired, to spray paint it. Now, however, I'd like to keep it in its original form, retaining all of it's vintage "glory", dings and all.

    Thanks to everyone who helped. I hope you all enjoyed the story. Here are some pics.