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  1. This is my "new" Spector NS-2000 Q5!!!! I got it for an absolute steal at guitar center's used section. The output jack was messed up, but they threw a new one in
    :) I traded in my initial Epiphone SG for this guy. I was a bit sad to see it go as it had been with me for about 7 years, but I figure it can make someone else as happy as it made me :)
    As for specs:
    Korean made
    24 medium frets on a 35" maple neck.
    rosewood fretboard
    NS shaped body
    Basswood body with a flamed maple top (a bit hard to see in person, but it picks up on camera)
    2 EMG Hz passive pickups with an active preamp
    2 band eq
    2 volume knobs (one for each pickup of course)
    Locking bridge.

    Let me start off by saying that I had never been a 5 string fan, but the string spacing on this thing is absolutely wonderful! Perfect for slapping and pedal point licks on the E string. Since I have pretty big hands, it's ideal for me. The neck is a big shift from my short scale Epiphone, but it's no big deal. The body is super comfortable. The contour on the back coupled with the shape of the lower horn make it incredibly easy to play sitting down. The lower strap button is placed a bit higher and I thought it would be a bit awkward, but it actually adds comfort. I heard these have neck dive issues, but I'm yet to get that. It is pretty heavy though, so a bigger strap must be acquired!

    The comfort this thing offers is only the beginning. This thing is versatile to a fault! In addition that Spector growl, I can get tones reminiscent of Fenders and Warwicks with warm finger tones and punchy pick tone. I always have loved the EMG Hz sound, and the active preamp is awesome. Since it's only a 2 band, it helps simplify things, which I really value in all my gear. It sounds great in recordings! Gives me that mid drenched Spector tone with out losing any low end definition.

    The tuners are solid. They don't make me feel like I'm gonna accidentally Hulk out and rip them off :smug: The bridge is locking, so when I set the intonation and action, I adopt the Ronco motto: set it and forget it!!!

    All in all, this is THE BEST bass I've ever played! I always worshiped the way the Fender American Jazz V played and sounded and In my opinion, this thing (and pretty much every Spector I've played), blows those out of the water!! Sadly they discontinued this line in favor of the Legend Series, mine is from 2000, but the difference between the 2 isn't that big, I think the pickups are the main difference. Like I said, if you get a chance to play one of these, DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND BUY IT!!!!!

    Sorry it's a bit grainy.

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    Great bass! Hope you enjoy it even more than you already have! :)
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    Congrats you will want more AHAHA welcome to Spector family