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    Already shared this with the Spector guys but thought I’d post a NBD for the fun of it. Actually my new bass day was earlier in the week. Took a couple of days to get some sunny pics of it. I present to you Black Knight. A 1987 Kramer era Spector NS-2, #1443, in basically flawless condition. I’ve never been one to name my basses but this one came to me so aptly named that it must remain. Black Knight..Awesome. This bass is seriously my dream bass of all time.

    536D0DEC-F9B1-4D46-BC9E-C77735211392.jpeg 673F4CA6-CAE7-4E50-ADFF-D37FF4969756.jpeg 293AD58D-4DEF-4032-9FED-B586427FCE01.jpeg 0D9410A8-153C-4A1F-9AF7-CA41BF7B13E6.jpeg

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