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NBD Squier Affinity Rescue

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by voided3, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. voided3


    Nov 11, 2008
    This project started a few weeks ago when a co-worker of mine brought this '99 Squier Affinty P-Bass to me that she just bought for $10. It was absolutely filthy and the truss rod was broken, so she gave it to me since it couldn't be salvaged as it was. I have wanted a P-Bass for quite some time, not that my two Jazz Basses haven't been treating me well for the last 15 years (haha). I decided to make it the best I could on a budget.

    I only ended up using the body, pickguard, and neck plate from the original bass. The bridge is the original from my fretless Jazz Bass, the pickup is a no-name EMG-style knockoff that reads about 9.2k ohms and I wired it to a pair of CTS 250k pots with a .047u Orange Drop and a Switchcraft jack, topped off with Fender amp knobs. The neck is a brand new MIM Fender Jazz neck, which is nice and familiar feeling (though maple instead of rosewood as on my other two). However, I decided to string it with D'Addario nylon tape wounds (the .050-.105 set) as I usually play GHS Precision Flats and wanted to try something new.

    End result? This thing thumps, yet still seems to be just as bright as normal stainless flats to my ears. They do feel noticably different, given the lower tension, but not too foreign as a full-time flatwound player. The wiring also is dead silent, which is good since nylons don't ground out to your fingers. These new Fender replacement necks are a great value, too, at $200 (sans tuners, which were $40 for a new set of the same tuners Fender uses on the MIM Standards and Hwy 1 basses). On account of the free donor parts, this bass was less than $300 including strings. Here's how she looks:

  2. The beauty of a Fender . Mix and match. Well done.
  3. conebone

    conebone Anime is rad.

    Sep 20, 2013
    New Jersey
    Beautiful bass, and great choice of flatwound strings!!

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