NBD!! Squier Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass. A pleasant surprise.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by tb-player, Apr 29, 2021.

  1. tb-player

    tb-player Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2019
    A while back, I had a black Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar bass. It was a super-fun little short-scale bass that I really enjoyed. Over time, the neck kind of 'went away' on me. It developed some fret buzzes & wouldn't take my setup. So last year, I reluctantly let it go.

    Ever since, I've been needing another inexpensive passive 4-string that I could customize without fear of ruining or devaluing the instrument. I've also been wanting something reliable to play at outdoor & beach gigs, where I don't want to take one of my more expensive basses.

    After this thread about inexpensive basses, I decided to get back on the hunt for this bass. Just this week, I came across the new medium scale version of the Jaguar by Squier. It looked perfect for what I need. It has Fender Alnico pickups, concentric stacked pots, a nicely figured Indian Laurel neck, block inlays and is fairly lightweight (8 1/2lb). So I contacted my guy at Sweetwater and we found the perfect one. It arrived yesterday afternoon.

    Right out of the box, it sounded good. The action was set a little high, so I gave the truss rod a couple of turns and dropped the saddles. It's a very good neck (yay!). The fretwork is clean and it handles my setup like a champ.

    I was pleasantly surprised at the tone. Dimed, it has a nice, round low-end with a decent bite on the highs. Individually, the neck pickup has a classic precision tone. The bridge pickup is a bit thin for my tastes. Nothing that a couple of Quarter Pounders can't eventually fix (the pickups, not the sandwich).

    I'll likely do a few other mods (tuners & bridge). But for now, this is a nice sounding/playing bass that will definitely serve a purpose. Also, it fills the final space in my guitar rack, which is equally important. :thumbsup:

    7F4A47C8-BBB2-48F2-A578-7F02D87DD9D5.jpeg 1DB6669F-F4DB-4D4F-8C47-92810070FB1A.jpeg 707905E7-8D69-46C2-9631-4B31FD96CE21.jpeg

    You can see how the size of the 32" medium scale compares.
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  2. Acidic Pool

    Acidic Pool

    Feb 16, 2021
    I didn't realize these were medium scale. That's cool, kinda differentiates em from the rest of the lineup. Rock on, happy NBD!
  3. tb-player

    tb-player Gold Supporting Member

    Mar 6, 2019
    My old Vintage Modified was short scale. It fit in my guitar gig bag. This one definitely feels different. It’s still really comfortable. I’m curious how the 32” scale affects the tone. I like the feel though.
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