NBD Squire Affinty Jazz

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  1. Picked up this beauty today at GC, it had barely been played (still had the original stickers and pickguard plastic covering on it). $99 including a gig bag and practice headphones, what a deal.

    2012 vintage, made in Indonesia with open gear tuners. Neck is smooth and fast with no sharp fret ends or other obvious QC issues. I suspect it is an Alder body but I've yet to investigate this in detail.

    Put on some new flats tonight and will do a complete setup this weekend. Plays and sounds great!

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    Neat! Does it have the closed-box tuners or are they open-gear? I ask because I had an Affinity Jazz (2007-ish, I think) that was a great travel/beater, but the box tuners were it's weakest feature.
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    They are open box tuners.
  4. The Chinese Affinitys are alder.