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  1. nabilhuakbar


    Jan 13, 2020
    I traded into this MusicMan by Sterling Sub4, and it was awesome stock. Then I threw a Seymour Duncan SMB4D in it and HOLY BALLS -- night and day difference. It sounded pretty decent before but now it sounds almost exactly like Tim Commerford's tone on the first Rage Against The Machine album.

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  2. 4D2A4786-334C-4A76-B484-6F7FE79A7415.jpeg I went with the smb 4a in a music man knock off kit I built and paired it with a cheap P pickup.
    Sounds great!
    I just modded a cheap jazz bass and made it to fit 2 mm style pickups and a 5 way switch. Seymours tech support suggests i put the smb 4d at the bridge and a 4a at the neck. I cant wait to get them installed. Currently it has cheap mm style pickups only because i had them lying around.
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  3. nabilhuakbar


    Jan 13, 2020

    Dude I freaking love that. Do you have any sound samples?
  4. this is a clip of the wood grain music manish kit. Seymore 4a and P pickup.
    I prefer to play with a pick so to most, I guess I'm not a real bass player. oh well.
    ill get the red jazz style up and running again later this week when the new pickups show up.

    lets hear your Stirling!

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  5. nabilhuakbar


    Jan 13, 2020
    God I love that SMB4 sound. That P in there is really cool, it helps round out the tone a bit. Like it sounds like you're playing two different basses at the same time. Really digging that tone.

    I'm also mostly a pick player so I get it. I like the attack a ton better and I think it fits most styles really well. I still try to play with my fingers sometimes if the song demands it or if I just wanna keep a base level on the skill, but I'll always be a pick guy at heart.

    I'm also NOT much of a slap player, but for whatever reason I felt "Hey, this song that's totally out of my skill range would be a great idea to demo the tone here!" I know my playing ain't great, but the bass sounds freaking unreal.

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  6. Very cool,
    Yah, im a fan of the Seymour smb. Iv always been a PJ guy.
    My favorite bass is still my 90’s ibanez Ex. Its been upgraded through the years but since I built that woodgrain bass, the old Ibanez has been collecting some dust.
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  7. CatchaCuda


    Feb 3, 2018
    Transfer, PA
    I love that finish. What strings are you using? I've got a 2014 SBMM Sub Ray4 in "walnut". It could use a refin, but I love how it sounds and feels. Now, you've got me interested in trying an aftermarket pickup.

    I like your tone.
  8. nabilhuakbar


    Jan 13, 2020
    Right?! That Seymour Duncan makes a ton of difference.

    As for the strings...I have no idea. They have black silks and the ball ends are silver, which I hear is what comes often from the factory on Indonesian manufactured basses (Ibanez does the same thing). Either way they sound pretty good to me and they're basically new.