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NBD: Steve Harris tribute Fender P bass

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by davidjackson, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. davidjackson


    Sep 10, 2011
    I finally gave in and treated myself to this P bass. I saw it in a really small local music shop 2 years ago and have been gassing for it ever since. I asked the guys in the shop at the time why it was priced cheaper in store than it was on their website and they reckoned it was something about their deal with Fender that meant they weren't allowed to advertise it online for the reduced price. So unless somebody looking for a tribute P bass wandered into their little local shop (that specialises in orchestral instruments) it didn't look to me like it was going to sell easily...

    Well, they kept marking it down a little more every few months but still nobody bought it. I gave in to my desires and did the deal last week - for about 65% of the online price and I managed to get an official Fender hard case thrown in too rather than the deluxe gig bag they usually sell with.

    I could not be happier with this bass. Although I am a huge Iron Maiden and Steve Harris fan I actually play in a Soul and Motown band at the moment. Once the tone is rolled off a little those fat flatwounds (50-110) give me a proper Motown thump and the blue sparkle finish even reminds me of the amp that Jamerson used to use in the studio.

    This bass has the biggest fattest neck I have ever seen on a 4 string bass and feels incredible. The 'stiffness' of the fat flat rotosounds means I can get the action really low which I love.

    In terms of lowering the strings I went out to buy a new Allen key to adjust the string height on the BadassII bridge after figuring that I needed a .050 and didn't have one. I bought a cheap set of keys that included one and the key that was marked .050 didn't work - it was too small. I ended up going round to my Dad's house (he is a car mechanic) and borrowing his Snap-On set of keys and the .050 key on that set worked perfectly. My fault I guess for buying a really cheap set of something that obviously needs to be precision engineered to work.

    I am playing my first two gigs with this bass at the end of November and can't wait. My first ever bass was a P (Korean Squier) and I have always missed that classic P bass sound. I have played a Yamaha BB424 since then and, more recently, a 2012 American Standard Jazz. This bass gives me back that satisfaction. It is everything a bass should be for me.

    Basically, I am just very excited and wanted to share it with you guys!

    If anybody wants to know more here is the Ed Friedland review that I have memorised having watched it so many times over the last year or so:

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  2. Duckwater


    May 10, 2010
    USA, Washington
    Awesome, I've always wanted one of these.
  3. godofthunder59

    godofthunder59 God of Thunder and Rock and Roll Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    Rochester NY USA
    Endorsing Cataldo Basses, Whirlwind products, Thunderbucker pickups
    Great bass and great story! Congrats on your new bass :) I am a BIG Jim Lea fan (SLADE) and had John Diggens build me a replica of his custom John Birch bass with Jim's participation. I know what a thrill it is to hold the instrument of your influence and idol.
  4. davidjackson


    Sep 10, 2011
    Definitely. Like I said, I am playing more Motown these days but couldn't resist cranking up the stereo and playing along to the 'The Trooper' when the neighbours were out. With my left foot up on the monitor (dining room chair) of course!
  5. godofthunder59

    godofthunder59 God of Thunder and Rock and Roll Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2006
    Rochester NY USA
    Endorsing Cataldo Basses, Whirlwind products, Thunderbucker pickups
    LOL Maiden to Motown the P can do it all! Did I just say that? I'm a Gibson guy.
  6. Wallace320

    Wallace320 Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2012
    Milan, Italy
    I love "reverse" ones, now maybe considered "regular" ones... You rule

    Ah, and

    I own a luthier made Fender parts Steve Harris Old West Ham Precision

    More pics to come!!!

    Foot on the monitor
    And aiming to the audience

    Up The Irons!

  7. deeptubes


    Feb 21, 2011
    Thinking about picking up a 73/74 P that appears to have been painted over top of the original finish coat. I can get it super-cheap. If the original finish is natural, I'm going to attempt to strip the added paint and leave the original finish (keyword: attempt). If it needs a full refin, I may go the Steve Harris route with it. I guess we'll see when the time comes.

    Enjoy your new bass!
  8. davidjackson


    Sep 10, 2011
    I've had more compliments about the sparkle blue finish and mirrored pick guard combo than with any other bass I have owned. The ladies love that mirror!
  9. Ryan19


    Sep 28, 2012
    Denver, CO
    Congrats and welcome to the club. I have one and it's the best bass I've ever played.
  10. bigsnaketex


    Dec 29, 2011
    Down South
    I played my new one last night for the first time in a gig and must say that the Steve Harris P Bass is my new favorite. Even over my Ric.

    It is truly the tone that I hear in my head when I lay down at night. And coming through a Bassman 100T/410neo rig, well.........it's simply heavenly!!
  11. Nice bass Man! I'm a huge Iron Maiden Steve Harris fan. I had one of the original Steve Harris Signature P-Basses (Early 2000's?) but never really got along with it. The new ones look amazing.
    Take Care,
  12. sobie18


    May 5, 2002
    Shaw AFB, SC
    I love my Steve Harris P! It's just a darn Mack truck of an instrument, rolling everybody over!
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