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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Brother Goose, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. Brother Goose

    Brother Goose The Process IS the Reward!

    Dec 4, 2013
    Syracuse NY
    God Is Love
    I've recently spent a fair amount of time scouring NYC Craigslist for a fellow bassist who is about a year into the bass game and needs a new instrument.

    Turns out that my efforts paid off and someone in my sphere of influence GAVE her a nice Cort 5 string and I found an ad for a Gecko 5 in CT...

    Reached out to the seller and started offering trades from the mountain of gear my father has managed to amass over his 50 years of playing.

    After minimal negotiation buyer agreed to a straight trade for an AKG studio mic (which a weird mad scientists had given me for free years back), an SM 57 (Papa's present towards the trade), and my
    BOSS OC-3 (which really isn't that cool) and I got THIS:

    Warmoth Gecko (medium, I believe)
    Alder Body
    Maple (w purple-heart stripes) neck
    Pau Ferro FB (seller said rosewood, but I'll welcome additional opinions)
    Seymour Duncan PUP (probably ceramic) 18 Volts!
    Seymour Duncan 3-band eq and whacky push/pull "slap curve"...

    Talk about instant karma- I essentially got this bass for the price of shipping and got rid of some stuff we weren't using!

    85% of the music I play is soul/funk/r&b and I'm gonna have trouble justifying reaching around that extra string (and I'll probably get used to the preamp vs. my passive Delano-equipped "Blanca")

    Bertha (new) meets Blanca


    Bertha & Mele (Pacific Islander for 'Mary' due to Koa top)


    So there you have it, folks! I know own 3 basses and they are all Warmoth Geckos!!

    Thank you Universe!

    (sound clips, gig stories, updates to follow)
  2. Matthardy

    Matthardy Supporting Member

    Feb 11, 2018
    69C89765-7629-47EB-8D98-5F22EFC7140B.jpeg DF568C9B-D2CA-4D07-B511-9BF25C971E70.jpeg E055A97C-4759-4562-B243-8D84ECC5FF11.jpeg Just finished my first gecko build. Love it to death. I've played a few sadowskys, G Goulds, Laklands, Brubakers and Ken Smiths. Besides the Ken Smith 5, and one Brubaker (if it had a better set up), I much prefer my Gecko. Had it professionally set up (no fretwork needed despite my insistence). I have always done my own but I wanted this to awe me. It did.

    Ash body, figured mahogany top
    Wenge neck, Pau ferro FB
    Delano SBC quad coils
    Noll TCM 4 band pre w/passive tone

    I love your collection. The white six with flamed board is a beauty. As is the Koa.

    How do you find the six string gecko's playability vs the 5? Has the fingerboard ever felt large to you? You have large hands!?

    Thanks, enjoy
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