NBD (well recently) Shorty project.

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by funkinbottom, Jan 13, 2018.

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    I'll try to be brief, but it's difficult. :) Been wanting a short scale for some time now.(won't get into all the reasons) Also have been wanting another project bass to learn more repair/Luthier skills without worrying about ruining an expensive instrument. Yea, I know. Any excuse for another bass will do. :D So my criteria was 100 bucks or less, and my plan is many mods.

    About a week before the holidays I found the perfect specimen on my local craigslist.. 100 bucks or less? Check. Good platform for mods/repairs? Check, as the PU had already been swapped out with a Nordstrand big split. Not really into Nordy pups. Don't know why, they are a good sounding PU (I will be posting it in the classifieds here later or tomorrow when I have more time, feel free to pm me if anyone interested)

    The seller said the neck was bowed, but playable, and intonation was "ok" in the lower registrar. (he was using it for a recording project so it can't be that bad right). He said when he bought it he heard a rattle in the neck, turned the bass on end and the truss rod fell out. :woot: So basically I bought a Nordstrand PU that I can sell, and the box it came in, so to speak, was the bass. A perfect platform for no risk project fun. I figure on the down side, it ends up a hopeless dumpster candidate. But on the up side, I end up with a bitchin little bass with all stuff I want. New PU's. I'll rout for a bridge position. Preamp, new finish etc...

    Moving on, I bought said bass. It's for sure had better days. With the bow in the neck it's little bit of a workout to play, but playable enough to realize I dig a shorty. Intonation not so good past the 7th fret. Bridge missing set screws. Only one screw in pick guard. Rout for PU not the worst I've seen, but could have been much cleaner. Also mounting screws for PU were poking out the back slightly.

    Wait....... I said I'd try to be brief. So without any more of my rambling, Pics!

    Teisco 1.jpg Teisco 2.jpg Teisco 4.jpg Teisco 5.jpg Teisco 6.jpg Teisco 11.jpg Teisco 12.jpg Teisco 14.jpg Teisco 15.jpg Teisco 16.jpg Teisco 17.jpg Teisco 19.jpg Teisco 18.jpg Teisco 20.jpg

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