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NBD X 2 - Precision Basses

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Antisyzygy, May 6, 2015.

  1. Antisyzygy


    Dec 8, 2014
    I didn't do a NBD post when I bought my MIM Precision bass, and I just gutted and re-did another bass so I figured I'd double up.

    Behold! NBD Precision Bass X 2!

    Bass #1 : Faux Fender Precision

    This is a Faux Fender - I bought it that way, but more because the price was right rather than the fake Fender logo. It's made of Squier standard parts from the early 2000s.

    IMG_1347.JPG IMG_1346.JPG IMG_1348.JPG IMG_1349.JPG

    When I got the bass it had :
    • Squier 2000s Standard Jazz Neck -> Fender Precision Logo
    • Squier 2000s Standard Precision Body
    • Aging done to the tuners and headstock
    • Apparently an old MIM Pickup - But it had ceramic magnets so not sure if that is legit
    • GFS Wiring Harness
    I added to it :
    • Full shielding job
    • New vintage P bridge
    • Ashtray Cover w/ removable mute
    • Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder
    • 500k pots, 0.047 uF cap
    • Rotosound Drop 66s for BEAD tuning

    Bass #2 : MIM Precision

    This is a (mostly) stock MIM precision bass, originally from Sweetwater. I traded a custom parts telecaster I put together for it. Originally owned by my guitar player friend. It was set up well, and he didn't touch it. Im really surprised at how nice this MIM is, they've come a long way.

    IMG_1353.JPG IMG_1350.JPG IMG_1351.JPG IMG_1352.JPG

    I added to it :
    It sounds pretty good. The Nitro Booster gives me a bit hotter output, but the EQ curves are what I wanted it for. It gives me four different sounds in a one pickup bass, not counting any tone control usage.
    1. Standard Passive P - Default, I use this the most
    2. Hotter P - Never really use it, it's just a volume boost with a smidgen more high end
    3. Mid-Boosted P - Great for finger style or picking
    4. Mid-Scooped P - Great for slap, tone helps dial back harshness but keeps a nice scoop
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