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NBD x 2!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by jamestown94west, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. I bought a bass from the classifieds here. The day it arrived, I also purchased an old Ibanez Roadstar II that belonged to one of my friends. He had owned the bass several years, and back in 2012, he sent it to me for some repairs. I had to reinstall the pickup, and all the electronics, I swapped in an aftermarket high mass bridge, and Wilkinson high mass tuners. I had seen these basses before I worked on this one, but never gave them much thought. I instantly fell in love with this one. I had a hard time giving it back when I was done working on it. I told my friend if the day ever came that he wanted to sell that bass, to call me first. That phone call came Monday of this week, and I was more than happy to go pick her up. I would've had to spend twice the money to get as nice a Fender p bass, as what this one is. It's made in Japan, and as usual, the quality of the fit and finish is top notch. The upgraded parts were done tastefully, and it makes for a great playing, and sounding bass. I can't take good pics without some natural light, but the bass is in 9/10 condition, with just a couple minor love marks. Oh, and the other bass I got was a Warwick Corvette $$.

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