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  1. Rocinante_x1

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    Aug 22, 2004
    Washington State
    I know the thread title says new bass day times two but only one is really new so bare with me.
    First up is my Rickenbacker. I got it last month but haven't made a post on it yet because I was waiting until the day I brought the next mentioned bass home.
    It's got a great story. The new ric is a 1990 which sat in the closet in its case it's entire life only pulled out less than 5 times for a few minutes at a time. The gentleman I procured it from told me that it was his father's who had recently passed away and handed it down to him. His father was a piano player and just had the bass as a collector item. It's in amazing shape especially for its age and it came
    With everything original including the factory strings still on it. Still has the factory polishing cloth and stickers in a never opened bag as well as user manual and registration card never touched. I gave her a quick truss rod adjustment and changed the strings then I added a chrome treble pickup bezel and she's good to go. All stock and that's how she will stay.

    The other new bass is actually my first ever new bass purchase from a retailer. Every other bass I've ever owned has been a used acquisition for the exception of my MIM Jazz (which I still own and was my first REAL bass that my father bought me for Christmas many years ago)

    It's a brand new 2015 USA Geddy Lee Signature Jazz. My local music shop is a major fender dealer so I asked them to order one for me and it took a few months but it came in finally and I went in this evening and picked her up and took her immediately to rehearsals. This bass looks incredible, it feel amazing with the way the neck is sanded as well as the profile being slightly thicker than my CIJ GL. So far, it sounds awesome and it's probably the best feeling bass I've ever owned. Pretty light and very well balanced. The pickups are the tom
    Brantley Geddy Lee custom wind pickups and I have the same pickups in my Japanese GL. They're amazing pickups in every way imaginable in the CIJ but are a completely different beast in the USA Geddy. 100% better in every way. Very bright, sharp percussive mids, deep and tight almost subsonic lows and solid growth low mids. It completely slayed during band rehearsals tonight also.
    It's staying stock. No reason to add or remove anything. Best bass I've ever played.

    Here are some pics of the family.

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  2. Qlanq


    Jul 9, 2007
  3. I got a Geddy Lee about three months ago...they are fantastic basses IMO...very nice Ric too...great acquisitions...nothing better than seeing RUSH paraphanalia in the background....:)
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  4. Rocinante_x1

    Rocinante_x1 Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2004
    Washington State
    The ric is the 4th one I've owned and it is by far the best sounding and best playing one to date. I had a '76 JG 4001, an '89 MB 4003 and a 2009 JG 4003 and while they were all great in their own way, they each had little quirks about them that I didn't like. This 4003 is Awesome all around.

    As for the US Geddy, with an unbiased open mind I compared it to an older 75AVRI, American standard, American deluxe and of course my CIJ Geddy (of which I have owned several) and out of all the ones I played, the US Geddy felt the best (to me) and the craftsmanship is incredible. It's very easy to play and even though the neck has a thicker profile, it's faster and more comfortable than the Japanese model.
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  5. dmk

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    Jan 8, 2005
    San Diego, CA

    Congrats on your new bass guitars. Did you have Tom Brantley wind new pickups for your USA Geddy or are they the stock pickups?
  6. Rocinante_x1

    Rocinante_x1 Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 22, 2004
    Washington State
    They're stock, but the pickups he sells as Geddy Lee rewinds come in the USA Geddy stock.
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