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NBoBD - The invasion of the Shorties

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by JACink, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. JACink


    Mar 9, 2011
    New Box of Basses Day!

    I have been good for the last year, the last bass I purchased was back in January 2015 (I know, I know, how could anyone go for a year without buying a bass?!?! Oh the horror!! ;) ).

    Until a couple of days ago, I had one short scale Harley Benton P bass that is probably my most used bass. I find the short scale comfortable, and it is a lot easier to pick up when in front of the PC. Although I have various longer scale basses that I love, I kept GASsing for another short scale... well, now I have another 3!

    A few months ago, fellow TBer kodiakblair offered me such a great deal on a couple of shorties that I was interested in that I couldn't refuse (well, I could, but I didn't want to! :D ) and not only did he give me a great deal, he even gave me a 3rd short scale bass as a gift!! For this he receives my gratitude, unfortunately my wife doesn't share this feeling ;)

    Anyways, enough chit-chat.

    Although I have to work most of this weekend, I have found a few hours to play and take pics, so here are the contents of the "New Box of Basses Day"...

    Bass Num.1: Ibanez Mikro



    I have been GASing for an Ibanez Mikro for a long time, both for in front of the PC and for travelling (I travel a lot). My Intention was to add steel inserts to the neck to allow me to remove the neck regularly without issues and add a quick load bridge. This way it would travel in my suitcase (I don't have the option of more luggage, so that is my only option for travelling with a bass).

    I have played the bass maybe for about an hour unplugged and 30 mins through the B3, and I'm really loving this little thing.

    It is a great bass for playing in front of the screen without bashing things with the headstock, and the sound from this little thing is pleasantly suprising. I can see this becoming one of my most used instruments.

    (It also makes me feel as though I am a better player :D )

    Bass No.2: Dean EVO



    I have also had it on my GAS list for a long time, but had read mixed reviews.

    My intention was to turn this bass into a Piccolo bass. I had the HB shorty P setup as a piccolo for a while and loved it, but got much more use out of it as a regular bass. I thought that the Dean was a perfect candidate for a new Piccolo.

    Now that I have the bass, I must say it looks much better in person than in pics, and I already liked it in pics 4b1h3Tm3_bkPUNZz70tH. .

    The bass arrived strung with Roto Nylon Tapes, something that I had never even seen before. I must say that I was suprised by the feel of these strings, they are nothing like any other strings I have tried, but I like them. They also seem to produce a very deep bass tone, even more than the LaBella flats I have on the shorty P, but I guess the 2 soapbar pickups help with this also.

    I haven't played this bass as much as the Ibanez, as the action is a little high (probably caused by the 1500 mile trip), so I need to give it a setup before trying it more. However, I do thing that I will be giving this bass a try as a regular bass instead of the proposed Piccolo conversion, it might just suprise me!

    Bass Num.3: Westone/Samick Hybrid




    As I said, this was a gift from kodiakblair, for which I am very grateful! It is a Westone body with a Samick neck, and although I haven't actually got around to playing this bass yet, I am very interested to see how that Samick neck turns out, as it seems very comfortable to hold.

    I think this bass may make a better piccolo candidate than the Dean, as it also has P bass pickups, which means I should be able to get the sounds I used to get from the HB shorty P.

    I will update when I have actually played this bass (and the others some more), but I think this is going to make an interesting project bass.

    Seeing that I am trying to make room for the new arrivals, I had to take the basses down this morning, so I though I would snap a a pic of the new family while doing it:


    (Disclaimer: as always, my phone camera is not the best, but it is always the handiest 4b1h3Tm3_bkPUNZz70tH. so I apologize for the pic quality)
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  2. HaphAsSard


    Dec 1, 2013
    @JACink: what's the story of that converted classical guitar? what strings is it wearing? Tuning? You might have already mentioned it but if so I've missed that post.
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  3. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Cool story. I have never had a New Three Basses Day! Jealous...........
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  4. SkinCoffin


    Aug 18, 2015
    Nice! Opinion on the EVO? I kinda want one... I wanna start a better collection of shorties. I had the mikro and sold it though, found it wasn't really that good quality (was cheap though so fair enough, but was just too cheaply made to be useful outside bedroom jams)
  5. hopsbb


    Nov 8, 2014
    I like the Dean. Been thinking of getting one myself to add to my collection of shorties (2SG specials,hofner ignition violin and a Dano 58 longhorn) I own two Dean's now that I'm more than happy with,so I don't see why the Evo would be any different. Especially that white.
  6. JACink


    Mar 9, 2011
    That is the first "sort of" bass I had. When I decided I wanted to learn to play bass, and because nobody told me it was a bad idea, I bought an old acoustic guitar from my brother for something like $10. With some old bass strings (I have no idea where I got those from), I filed the nut and made the bridge holes bigger, and then just strung it EADG :D

    Even after I got my first real bass, this was my "campfire" bass. Amazingly, it actually intonates quite well up to the 12th fret, and back then it was probably better that it wasn't very loud as the guitarist would probably of hit me with it!

    Somewhere along the line it got painted grey, and other musicians and friends started to write messages on it in sharpie.

    Terrible sound but great memories!!

    I can't comment on the EVO yet as I haven't had time to give it a set up. All I can say is that it seems like a very nicely made bass and is much better in person than in pics.
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