NBUD (new bass uke day) Rondo Hadean solid body.

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    A few of months ago I bought a Rondo Hadean solid body blue longer 24" scale when it came available, figuring I would come up with a mod. Shortly after I saw a thread here on TB about tri-pup basses, which prompted me to do a simple mod by adding three fake black soap bar pickups, and I always change the strings to black Road Toad Pahoehoe poly. Mockup below.

    I already had a blue 21" scale that I had modified that didn't turn out as I liked, so I thought this would be the replacement for it, but after a short while I didn't really warm up to the black look. I noticed that none of my basses have gold hardware, so that's what I decided to do.

    I ordered gold parts; HipShot licensed tuning machines, truss rod cover, toaster pickup covers, volume & tone knobs, strap buttons and output jack & plate. Then I decided to really dress it up with scroll style fret inlay stickers, and to really add to the dress up, use the same inlay stickers on the leather strap. It all finally arrived a couple days ago and I just finished putting them on.

    It came out really well, but because I prefer a matching headplate to the body, at some point I'm going to have Pat Wilkins redo the headplate.

    Rondo Blue 22-33 800.jpg Rondo blue & gold 800.jpg
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