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    I woke up the other day and realized there was not a P-bass in the house. Ah cool, now I had a reason to hunt for used gear! I found this SVK PJ for $125 in the Guitar Center used listings. At that price I took a chance and ordered it and man, what a bargain!

    There are not many SVK reviews out there so I thought I'd add one. The TLDR: if you see one of these cheap, grab it!


    It arrived in perfect condition, like new. The shape is typical Fender clone but it's got kind of a quirky style with the wavy pickguard and offset fretboard dots.


    It doesn't seem to have any of the usual budget instrument problems. It has a nice thick finish (I don't like the thin satin finishes). Setup seems excellent for a cheap bass. Action is low but not too low and not buzzy. Fret edges are smooth. The bridge is generic but seems substantial. Tuners are no name but work fine.



    The pickups sound great. Again, some generic cheapies I'm sure, but they sound nice and thuddy and woody like a good P-bass should!

    There's not much info on them so I have no idea what wood is used but it is heavy...10 pounds. No neck dive here! The neck is narrow, 1.6" at the nut which I like. The last P I had was a chunky-necked 70s Precision and it just wasn't for me.

    IMG_8632.JPG IMG_8634.JPG IMG_8636.JPG

    It plays great. I thought at that price I would have to do some setup but I don't think I'll touch it. Totally happy to have a P in the house again!
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