NCD: Epifani DIST UL210

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    Feb 12, 2019
    I noticed this one in the local GC inventory online yesterday & decided it was worth the drive over & potential wait this afternoon to make sure it had basic functional capacity & wasn't immediately off putting.

    It passed the basic function test & I figured it was worth bringing home to see if it would stick. So far I've just plugged in the Ampeg PF50T to it by itself @ 8 ohms & then paired up w/ the PF115-HE but seems like it could work out great for me probably replacing the older Eden 210XLT that tests my back every time I have to move it:
    It's a pretty smooth sounding cab & fairly neutral to my ears by itself & it seems to hold together w/ the heavier drive sounds from the PF50T great so far. Sensitivity is pretty high & the switchable impedance & 500W power handling seem like they should help w/ making the most of one cab for me. Pairing it up w/ the PF115-HE in parallel seems to add just the right amount of old school to the mix & it seems like the lower sensitivity of the Ampeg cab has it blending in just enough of the rounder 15 & sound of the flip-top cab to spell success for me so far.

    Equally as welcome as the great sounds are the 38lb. lugging weight & fairly compact dimensions.

    Next up is checking it out in tandem w/ the PF210 then OBC115 & driven by the PS2. Outlook is good that this one will be staying though & my ears & back are very happy at the prospect :)

    Thanks for taking a look!
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