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NCD!! Fearful 12/12/6!!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RitchS, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. I finally scraped up the cash to get this from my newest best friend Matt. It sounds awesome from the little bit I could do. I didn't want to torque off the neighbors. I thought for a second my garage door would rattle off the rails! I can't wait to play this baby at concert volume! Reviews to come!
    Thanks again Matt!
  2. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    Awesome! Congrads. Excellent bass cabs IMO/IME.
  3. esa372

    esa372 Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2010
    Los Angeles, CA
    Great cab! Congratulations!

  4. mntngrown

    mntngrown Supporting Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    Santa Cruz Ca
    You will dig it. I play the 1515/66. Same thing. They are great.
    Especially if you like BASS!
  5. NKBassman

    NKBassman Lvl 10 Nerd Supporting Member

    Jun 16, 2009
    Winnipeg, MB, Canada
    I was playing my 15/6 at practice tonight. Loved it!
  6. I've never been so geeked to play through anything before! It feels like getting a pair of skis in the summer.
  7. topcat2069


    Dec 2, 2007
    Palm Springs
    Can I have it ?

    (I'm just jealous.....):cool:
  8. jnewmark

    jnewmark Just wanna play the groove. Supporting Member

    Aug 31, 2006
    Stax 1966
    Play guitar.
    pics ?
  9. Pics to come.
  10. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio
  11. It sounds effing awesome! I can't wait to see what it sounds like with a full band.
  12. Blues Bass 2

    Blues Bass 2 Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2001
    Davenport Iowa
    Very nice !
  13. paparoof

    paparoof Supporting Member

    Apr 27, 2011
    fEARful koolaid drinker

    I finally saved up the money to build myself a 12/6 + 12sub stack, and Leland is out of the 3012lf's for a couple weeks. The waiting is killing me.

    Turn that b**ch up and enjoy it!
  14. PlungerModerno


    Apr 12, 2012
    Looks nice. Bet it can loosen fillings at 10 paces. Outdoors!:D :bassist:
  15. RNV


    Apr 13, 2010
    Loxahatchee, Fl
    fEARful (I endorse them, not visa versa)
    Congrats, and welcome to our world. You will be treated differently around these parts. Come play on our forum.
  16. makohund


    Dec 12, 2002

    You know who built it? There aren't that many of that model. :cool:
  17. Soon I will begin lurking the halls of the fearful forums. I do know who built it, but I'm not sure I'm at liberty to say. He did a fantastic job though. He might not want people with lesser cabs knocking at his door. I might ask him for an apprenticeship! I'd love to quit my job and do this for a living.
  18. popgadget

    popgadget Supporting Member Commercial User

    Sep 4, 2005
    Eastern, PA USA
    Authorized Greenboy Designs Builder, Scabbey Road
    Looks great. As you can see from my avatar, I'm partial to the 1212. You won't be disappointed.
  19. Jeff Scott

    Jeff Scott Rickenbacker guru.......... Supporting Member

    Love my LDS 2126! :bassist: