NCD gallien kruger 4x10 to use with a laney rb7;)

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  1. 20141228_164251(0).jpg So i finally tracked down this cab -a nonported Gallien Krueger 4X10 ,
    My set up is complete and yes it does way a tonne or more but not to worry.
    its a combo running an extension but at the mo it gives me the sound i want,
    it also gives me the flexibility to get a stand alone head one day. (but i dont see why as i run a di out to front of house for big shows and a combo is great for those quiet rehearsals)
    I love the punch from a quad box its fatt and has the clarity i like in my sound,
    I think its a great match for the amp ,i didnt really like the laney 4X10 it was thin and muddy if thats a possible description ...
    anyhoo this rocks ,i play in a funk mo town group ,a alt rock mob and an electric experimental trio, this rigg is now very flexible
    i was surprised with the rb7 it really is versatile ,very clear and true sounding.
    i think to get the full depth and tonal variations from it you need to run an extension,
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  2. i strongly regretted buying the laney for a long long time , i tried it in a biamped set up using a bbe cross over and it became acceptable, i later updated my bass as a four string frettless was no longer cutting it to a G&LL2500 and tried it thru the laney with no effects and on its own ,,amaze balls it was like having a new bass and amp in one day, by by cumbersome biamp set up hello tone,
    i don't get the hate for this amp on the interweby,
    it has a lot of clear low end and is a very unbiased amplification of the bass,
    with the quad it steps into a fuller more complete sound that the two tens cant do on their own,
    i dislike personally the sound of a single 15 ..., i tried a 15 with the laney and found it boomy , muddy and not able to get the tone i wanted for my sound.
    300 watts into now a 4 ohm load between the combo and the extension actually is good , at high volume the 2x10 sec keeps up with no sound of punishment (it is designed to do this after all) and the quad is fine not even breaking a sweat,
    when played with out the extension the combo on its own is able to keep up with a heavy handed drummer however the limiter likes to kick in,when played with the extension cab it as able to go further, the amp does not get hot and there is no signal degradation in the combo section .
    very stoked,
    i will buy a head to go with the quad one day maybe a Hartke HA5500 or GK something something but for now this rigg is great ,
    oh and casters are a must this quad is heavy ....or a dolly or help out ya drummer so they will help you out......