NCD: Genz Benz Uber Quad 1288 pair

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    Mar 8, 2015
    Setup/exposition: I've been on a cab/amp quest about the last year and a half, looking for a "forever" rig that can handle just about anything. So I've been upgrading here and there, as budget allowed. Picking up with an old mid 90s Genz 410T that was pretty beat up, but sounded great even with the tweeter out of commission. Then I picked up a Hartke 4.5XL (with 3500 head) for a steal as a stopgap. That thing actualy was great and I wish I could have kept it. But I picked up a Goliath III which is one of the best all around cabs out there. Then I chanced on a Genz 410 XB for crazy cheap in like new condition. So with 2 main bands, I could keep the SWR at one practice space and the XB at the other (and sold the Hartke and earlier Genz). Then I found a really good deal on a GK NEO 4x12 which is just insane. But at the same time one of my bands kind of fell apart, so I didn't need as many cabs (or have places to put them). So the GK was relegated to storage to be used for gigs (which I finally got to use it on a metal gig last week where it worked great at a way too loud old school metal club with giant 80s style PA and deaf sound man). But I also had a yearning for something a bit more unique.

    So I'm always looking at listings in various places seeing what's out there (even though I've actually been pretty happy overall with my current setup). Anyway, I always liked the idea of 3 way/multi-drive style cabs, starting with stuff like the Triad, and things like the EA VL-208. And I've liked Genz Benz stuff for a while as well. So the Uber Quad was definitely on my radar. But, I would want a pair of them to really feel comfortable having the amount of headroom I want (I dont play THAT loud but I dont want to have to think about the speakers at all), and they all seemed expensive and far away (especially when you add in shipping or a long road trip to somewhere a state or 2 away).

    So I happened to see an online listing for an Uber Quad, and it was local. So I messaged the guy asking if I could check it out. We end up talking on the phone and he's got another that he just hasn't listed yet, PLUS an NX2 212 (second generation of the NeoX which was another strong contender). We set up a meeting.

    Well, when I showed up (with my shuttlemax 9.2 and 5 string). As soon as I heard the thing (he only had one set up to start with), I was pretty sure I was going to get the pair if we could agree on a price. So I had him pull out the other one. The pair together powered by (up to) 900 watts took it to a whole other level. The stack was physically bigger than I was expecting, these things are like slightly shrunken 4x10s. And they sound huge too! The sound seemed pretty even across the spectrum, maybe with some extra low mids. But they seemed to have plenty of volume on tap (meaning more lows to be had if needed), and I tried them out with tweeters at about half (and also cranked up the gain on the tube channel with them turned off). I maybe played for a total of 10 minutes and was ready to make an offer.

    So I took his initial listing, took out what cross country shipping would have been (it was listed as "free shipping), doubled that, and then came a bit lower. He came back about $50 higher and we had a deal. Not the cheapest uber quads ever, but not the priciest, and they were really in great shape. Oh, AND he had padded covers for both of them! So with that in mind I got a good enough deal on them, but I'll definitely have to shed some other stuff to make it work.

    Uber Quads and SM 9-2.jpg

    The picture is from when I got them set up at home (forgive the cluttered background, I just threw them up in the living room for convenience). I couldn't get too crazy because I live in an apartment, but it was the middle of the day so I didn't worry about it too much. They should definitely get plenty loud enough for me. Besides the ShuttleMax I also have a GBE 750, and a Trace AH 600-12 to use with them, all of which have plenty of power. My plan is that a single one will slot just above my STL 210T for small to medium practices and gigs and below the 410 XB (although spec-wise they should be about the same, but I think the XB is probably more sensitive). Then for gigs where the XB isn't quite enough, the pair of Uber Quads should do the trick. Realistically, anything on the louder side I will probably just bring the pair of Uber Quads and be done with it.

    Now I have a 10 or 12 day trip down south, so sadly, I will have to make due with just one as part of my traveling practice room.
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    Awesome score. I love my UBER QUAD and 115T. I was surprised to find out how loud they can get by themselves, and together they are an everything rig. Congratulations. :thumbsup:
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