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  1. DEMS854


    Jul 15, 2017
    Detroit, MI
    CA0A593C-4702-478D-B0B4-0C4985896116.jpeg I Apologize for the messy stack of amps and cabs, my apartment has become cramped. On august 3rd I ordered a new cab, yesterday it was delivered as I was getting ready for work.
    That’s 11 weeks for the six10.
    Initial impressions are very very good. I know I haven’t hit the “broken in” stage of the cab yet… but I can’t imagine it’s character changing so much that I opt to keep the other 2 around. As of right now, I’m totally satisfied with my purchase for the tonal goals I have, never mind the fact that I can downsize substantially without apparent loss. If I can manage it, I’m going to move all three to a performance space and try to do a side by side using a decent microphone.
  2. DEMS854


    Jul 15, 2017
    Detroit, MI
    Pedal board is also newly put together and evolving. As it stands now it’s boss wireless>OC-2>super fuzz>DG x7>superego + (pitchfork in the fx loop)>boomerang 3>DI box>amp
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