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    Nov 16, 2008
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    Being back in a big loud rock band for the past 4/5 months I've found it more demanding on my amp setup, finally after messing with several different setups I decided I needed to just go a little nuts and get the head room I need.

    So first came a 87 Mesa Boogie 400.

    I owned a 400+ when I was a kid and ended up selling it to pay the bills and since have always really wanted another, only finding out about the 400 and d-180 years later and to come to appreciate the finer points of the different heads.
    The d-180 is still something I'd really like to check out as I've never seen one in person and it's my understanding that it's a little different in tone and construction from the 400's, but being as I have had the chance to play with a couple 400's over the years I was confident this was what I wanted. Still way more headroom than I'd ever need, a nice bit of break up with the gain cranked, and cheaper maintenance using only six 6l6's. And yeah I know about running these with kt88's or 6550's and while I may try it in the future I'm really digging this thing with a set of JJ 6l6gc's biased cool at about 60% PD, this thing is blissful.

    Now the cabinet, this thing is new to me, just bought today and while I had initially had my eyes on a period road ready 410 or something Mesa made of the like this one just popped up today at an offer I couldn't refuse.

    It's a custom one off Atlas 215/212. I'll have to pop the back soon and verify but I was told it's loaded with Eminence Delta's and I was fortunate to get to give it a good test before purchase. I could max this 400 out into this thing and still not strain it and i felt like I was gonna break the girl's house I bought it from lol. Of course band practice and a few gigs with this thing will tell the full story but right now I'm thinking I got a winner.

    Anyways I couldn't be more happy with this monster rig and I just wanted to brag a little, cheers.
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    I just fell out of my chair.
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    Nov 16, 2008
    Denver, CO.
    QC technician for WMDevices
    So what you're saying is you can hear all the way over at your house? dang that's loud!
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    Dec 25, 2011
    The cab looks like real tank. Per the Atlas Tone website the cab is made with 3/4" baltic birch. Super light weight I am sure ;).

    I think the 400 will make about 180-200W clean with 6l6 tubes. That's a nice amount of power if you like to push the output tubes:thumbsup:. You get a bit more power with 6550s; perhaps 230W. Probably not enough to significantly increase volume, but you may not like the distortion as well.

    You're ready rock:cool: